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Remedy/Flower Essence: Bach Flower - Star of Bethlehem?

First off, are there ANY negative effects to taking this?

I heard that some people can become suspended in a state of sorrow or something, but it is rare.

I know this is used to help "regain yourself" type deal, esp. after a traumatic event, etc.

But what are the negatives to it?

Also, how many times a day should you have this?

It says to put two drops in a small glass of water, but does not say how many times/day you should take it. It says it is in 27% alcohol.

Thanks, also, if you can provide any links, it would be greatly appreciated!

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    8 years ago
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    Here is an article, written by a naturopath, stating they are just a placebo

    And here is one from a Swiss Medical Journal that found the same

    The effect is purely of your own making - including any "negative" side effects.

    I suspect you would better better off buying a two dollar notebook and journal-ing every day.

    There are all sorts of journal-ing guides as a form of self therapy.

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