Would these player additions help the Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies for the 2013-14 NBA season?

Oklahoma City Thunder:

1) SG Vince Carter for: SG Jeremy Lamb and SF Ronnie Brewer to the Dallas Mavericks?

2) F/C DeMarcus Russell for: PF Serge Ibaka and Center Daniel Orton to the Sacramento Kings?

3) PG Derick Rose for: PG Russell Westbrook and Center Hasheem Thabeet to the Chicago Bulls?

4) Aquire2013-14 NBA free agents: Center Samuel Dalembert, Center Eddy Curry, SF Mickeal Pietrus, and PG Allen Iverson?

Memphis Grizzlies:

Aquire 2013-14 NBA free agents: SF Stephen Jackson, PG Nate Robinson, and SG Richard Hamilton, and Center Jermaine O'Neal?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) Possible, but for the Thunder it would only mean immediate help, but hurt them in the future

    2) Not possible. Cousins is worth more than Ibaka and Orton

    3) Thunder and Bulls would never make that trade

    4) Dalembert and Pietrus could be a good fit. Curry and Iverson would not help the Thunder

    Grizzlies just need scorers and bench players. Someone like Jordan Crawford could help, but I don't think they could get Robinson or Hamilton. They should go after Jackson

  • 8 years ago

    1. Thats a terrible move. Lamb's a promising young prospect, and brewer's a great defender. Carter has two, maybe three semi-decent years left in the league.

    2. I assume you mean Demarcus Cousins here, right? Well yeah, that move would help the thunder out drastically since cousins is already a very good center, and has the potential to be absolutely outstanding. However, there's no way in hell the kings would take that deal.

    3. Assuming Rose is fully healthy, it would help them out somewhat since Rose is definitely better than Westbrook, but again there is no way the Bulls ever make that trade, unless Rose is incapable of getting healthy

    4. Dalembert wouldn't help much, he provides the same things as Perkins. Curry, is that a joke? Curry is a fat, washed up piece of **** that would not contribute to the team in any way. pietrus would help, but probably wouldn't get many minutes playing behind Durant. And Iverson? again, really? no one's signing iverson. He's done.

    Grizzlies- Jackson would help them in the short term to provide some punch off the bench, but they really need to find some youth at the 3. Robinson is unnecessary, they have Conley and Bayless already. Rip, again, would help for the short term to provide some scoring to counteract Tony Allen's complete lack of it, but they'd be better off trying to get some youth. And they don't need o'neal, they already have Ed Davis and Darrell Arthur as their backup bigs.

  • 8 years ago

    1) Horrible Trade, VC is about to retire.

    2) Horrible Trade, Serge Ibaka is worth a lot more then Cousins (Cousins is a liability)

    3) Great trade if you can manage to pull off a max contract guy for Westbrook and a bench player.

    4) Mickeal Pietrus is the only player worth anything in that group, he can help either teams out, probably more for the Grizzlies.

  • 4 years ago

    Rockets: James harden Clippers: Chris Paul Thunder: Kevin Durant (i could say Westbrook yet Durant needs to call for the ball greater) Pacers: Paul George Grizzlies: Zachary Randolph or Marc Gasol)

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  • 8 years ago


    1) That would help anyone lol

    2) Nah. KD and Westbrick already dominate the offense

    3) Yes, but not very likely

    4) Not AI, but others are interesting


    Stephen Jackson is the only who really makes sense. Memphis needs threes badly, they aren't going to take trigger happy Robinson.

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