Colleges that offer degrees in Astronomy?

I want to become an Astronomer, but to be honest I don't know a whole lot about college degrees and all that stuff, so I think is what I want is a college that allows me to get my masters degree in Astronomy, I'm having trouble finding stuff. I would also like to know, If you all know, the difference between Astrophysics and Astronomy, having trouble finding that also

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    Pretty much all the jobs in astronomy require a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or physics. If you want to spend that much time in school, all those graduate programs require a physics major. You don't need an astronomy major, and most schools don't offer one because you can't do anything with it. Major in physics and take classes in math, astronomy, and computer science. You can do this at most 4-year colleges and all state universities. Many state universities have excellent programs, so check out yours. You'll do your graduate work somewhere else anyway. Just a masters in the field doesn't really qualify you for anything except teaching community college.

    There's not really much difference between astronomy and astrophysics anymore. It's just what certain fields have traditionally be called. All astronomers need a strong background in physics and math for their jobs.

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    Astronomy is a sub-field of physics. Any astronomy important demands no less than a physics minor, and that demands labs. you are able to no longer do all of it on line, and no on line astronomy degree could be commonplace via graduate faculties. tremendously lots all jobs interior the sector require a PhD in astronomy or physics, and all those graduate courses require a physics important, that's between the excuses so few faculties (on line or otherwise) supply an astronomy important - it is not functional until it is a double important alongside with physics, which could't be carried out effectively on line, nor could you be waiting to do examine (necessary for grad college).

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    Go to and look at their "top ten" list for a start. That should help.

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