Would like to create application or program for measuring speed and distance?

I have a training device that is basically hitting a ball into a net. If you know the starting height of the ball and the distance between the ball and the net, is it possible to create a program for a computer or an app for a phone that will calculate the distance the ball would actually have travelled using just the built in camera?

If this is possible it is something I would like to create, but I have no programing knowledge whatsoever. I am a very quick learner, I don't expect you to build the program for me, but any suggested resources for me to learn would be appreciated.

Even better would be if a program did already exist.


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  • 4 years ago

    In relativity, velocity isn't an identical. In Newtonian mechanics, that's to assert the way we expect of of velocity, time and distance in on a daily basis existence, the two time and distance are unchaining absolute values. A 2d is often an identical volume of time and a mile is often an identical distance. yet in relativity, merely the value of light is unchanging. each little thing else variations. a much isn't continually an identical distance and a 2d isn't continually an identical volume of time. merely the value of light is absolute and not in any respect variations. There are some incredibly strange regulations in relativity to calculate distance and time as a result. In relativity 2 people can observe an identical experience and not even agree while it occurred. Relativity is in order that unusual that an entire e book does no longer be sufficient to describe it, much less some strains right here. the only reason we don't observe those unusual effects is by technique of the fact they don't get sufficiently enormous to observe different than at speeds very on the brink of easy. merely easy itself, and subatomic debris, ever pass that quickly.

  • 8 years ago

    here try this link. Read the second answer.The math of calculating distance of an object is explained. Also Some camera record subject distance with in exif data it might be worth investigating if your equipment does this


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