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What happened with Jeremy Lin last night?

It was like the OKC Thunder was raining 3-pointers. I know coach McHale still has faith in Lin who has the starting lineup to himself with James Harden sitting out:)

Will the Rockets pick it up next game to win against Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, and Kevin Durant?


I still believe in Lin, remember that time Jeremy Lin blew out Kobe Bryant?

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    Lin got lucky last year, and how did he blow out Kobe? they never even guarded each other..PS Lin is'int even the best player on his team James Harden is, I dont even think he's second best on the Rockets Patrick Beverly is, 4 points in a playoff game? dont ever compare that loser to the legend Black Mamba

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    8 years ago

    James Harden is not sitting out and Jeremy Lin was terrible last night.

    The Rockets will win 1 game at most and I'm even doubting that considering how much energy OKC is playing with. That defense of the Rockets does not help.

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    8 years ago

    Jeremy Lin always under performs when he is guarded by a more athletic or bigger & Faster defender so what you saw out of him last night is what you will see the rest of the series

    The Rockets will lose in 5 because James harden will get them at least 1 win

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    Dude F#ck Lin! The Rockets should either give him amnesty or trade him for a star who truly he's worth $39 million. James Harden has struggle, because nobody was scoring.

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    It definitely was raining 3's if IBAKA was making them.. That was one hella ugly game, I expected better from the Rockettes. I wasn't really watching Lin but in the first half he did make some stupid decisions (like not taking a screen and he gets doubled and loses the ball), he was also going for contested mid rangers (which is difficult for anybody). Will he be better? I don't know, but if he knows what's good for the team, he WILL step it up. He will be the first to blame if the Rockettes are swept

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    McHale doesn't have faith in Lin, he never had that is why he always benches Lin.

    There is nothing wrong with Lin it is just that OKC is a dominant team

  • he's overrated. Lin is a 10ppg 8apg guy everyone needs to get this through their heads he's no chris paul.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hes pregnant duh

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