My girlfriends parents found her birth control?

They have never really liked me because I'm in college and she's 16 (Two years age difference is not a big deal at all..) but now, oh god they hate me so much. She's still at an age where they have a lot of control over her so they're trying to get inbetween us. But we've been together for 9 months so it's not like this should be a big surprise to them should it?

What happens now and what should I do? I use to take her to school for them but now they cancelled that. She wants me to pick her up from lunch and skip class for the day but if her parents find out, I'm just not sure if it's a good idea..

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    7 years ago
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    Busted! Your only chance is to try to talk to them, and show them that you mean well and want the best for their daughter's future. The chances are that they're not trying to come between you as much as they're trying to protect their daughter from making any mistakes she might regret later.

    You need to convince her parents that you have a bright future and that you want your gf to be a part of that. What not arrange a night out? A meal for you and your gf, and both sets of parents? You all need to air any differences and agree to follow any rules and codes of conduct between all parties. This is your opportunity to talk to them as an adult and earn their respect. Getting her parents onside is the only way forward.

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