Someone please help me no one has answered my question?

I know it's a lot to read if you could please help me I would appreciate it ill answer all it open questions

Ok so I've been talking to this girl who is in my Chicano studies class and I got to know her through her friend cuz I started talking to her friend first at the beginnings of the semester ok so after a while the girl would show up late to class and would sit in the seat behind her because her friend sat in her seat( the one ( the fat friend sat in her seat) but yea so I started sitting more back by accident cuz the number if seats is always changing... Anyways whenever she sat next to be she would start showing me pics from Facebook as a joke, always doing funny faces cuz she and I were bored so she made me laugh, etc she would also ask me questions that the teacher already said idk she could have missed them, she asked for my number along with another girl who I talk too because she sometimes doesn't show up, she texted me a while back about a hw assignment and used a lot of !!!! And hhahas, she asked a lot of random questions about if I was 18 and do like like reading also... When I went to a boxer basic class by (accident) that she was in she said waved hi to me like twice once when I came in and another time when the workout started.... Also she always waves hi to me with a smile whenever she sit down in classOh I forgot to add that a couple days ago I went to a extra credit event and she said she saw me and she asked a lot of questions like are you taking sociology 150 Monday Wednesday? With an Asian guy... Etc so should I be worried that she remembered she saw me the day before like as in a stalker I mean I doth mind my friend had a similar problem but his girl was ugly this one is not ? And she was like at 12:30 to 1:45? Which was the class that gave extra credit

So what I'm asking is what could this all mean?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You have to assume that she is a friendly person who wants to get to know you better. You can't think any further than this. Be her friend. Say fun and funny things.

    Leave this question here. Also repost it in the "singles and dating" or "relationships" category and you will get 15 answers. Don't waste the first words of your question saying "Someone please help....". Get to the point in the first few words. People won't open your question if they don't have some idea of what you are looking for.

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