violin case stamped with "orginal improved trademark"?

An imperial violin was in a case stamped with "original improved trademark."

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    The case was made by the GSB company from Charlestown, New Hampshire and date from the late 1800's to early 1900's.

    "George S. Bond, a manufacturer of Charlestown, was born in that town, March 2, 1837, son of Silas and Alice (Abbot) Bond...[In 1880] he bought out the violin case manufactory that had been established in Charlestown. There was but little work done here at first, and he employed but one man. Subsequently he had to enlarge the place, and in 1893 he had forty hands in his employment and was using a fifty horsepower engine. In that year the factory was burned. Eleven weeks later his substantial new factory was ready for business. He has now a sixty horse-power engine, and he employs from twenty-five to thirty-five hands. The factory is said to be the best equipped establishment of its kind in the world, having a capacity of twenty-four dozen violin cases per day. Mr. Bond has dealings with some of the largest firms in this country..."

    The case doesn't have any real value, but the violin might. Several companies in Germany and Japan sold "Imperial" violins. Some of these violins today are worth as much as a few thousand dollars.

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    Gsb Violin Case

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    violin case stamped with &quot;orginal improved trademark&quot;?

    An imperial violin was in a case stamped with &quot;original improved trademark.&quot;

    Source(s): violin case stamped quot orginal improved trademark quot:
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