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Skyfall - Bérénice Marlohe (Severine/Bond girl)?

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Iv'e just watched Skyfall for the 3rd time and i'm just curious whether Severine dies in it or not because all you see is that James misses the shot glass that's on her head, but when the bad guy shoots, his intentions was to hit her and all you see is the shot glass drop to the floor..... After that you don't hear nothing about her. Does she die in it and if she did it should of at least mentioned something about her in the film after that point.

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    She does die. If the filmmakers had splashed blood onto the floor, that would have most likely bumped the certificate rating up, which they don't want.

    And it's a tradition in Bond films to bump off many of the girls and forget about them completely. Even if they aren't dead!

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