Which is better? Spain or New Zealand?

My mom and I are ready for a change. We're looking at different countries to live in and at the top of the list are Spain and New Zealand. The top criteria are:

•How hard is it to get the VISAs and residency for each country.

•How hard it is to get used to the culture.

•Cost of living

•Can you pick up the language pretty well? (We both speak fluent Spanish but the problem with both countries might be understanding the accent and slang)

•Dificulty of getting a drivers license

•Job availability

•Schooling (I will be in highschool)

Îs it worth it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    New Zealand. Not hard to get used to the culture - been pretty saturated with American culture through the media and various fast food chains. Visas - bit of a hassle, but okay. Cost of living... More things have to be imported, so that makes them more expensive, but it's compensated for in other areas. The language? New Zealand speaks English, and you get used to the accent fairly quickly. Getting a drivers licence is ridiculously easy. Job availability not high at the moment, but we're in a better situation than Europe. Schooling is good, and, I've heard from American exchange students, easier than in the states. Is it worth it? Yes. New Zealand is a fantastic country to live in. It's very safe and the people are delightful.

    If you want to find out more about the culture and my experience as an immigrant to New Zealand, you could read: http://pomsawaydownunder.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/...

    Source(s): I immigrated to New Zealand eleven years ago and write a blog about it: http://pomsawaydownunder.wordpress.com/
  • 8 years ago


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