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My friend is gluten free. She is going to my birthday party. What should I have for food?

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  • Sunset
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    7 years ago
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    You can go to your local health food stores and check out their "gluten free" pre-made stuff. You can find breads, cookies, cakes, that are gluten free. But that can get pricy. If you want gluten free the easy way. Have fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats. Any one of these will always be gluten free. Enjoy.

    The easiest way to think of gluten containing product is does it have any grains in it. True gluten free is grain free. Gluten is a protein found in most grains. Wheat just so happens to be the most popular one and happens to be in many packaged foods.

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  • 3 years ago

    My sister is gluten intollerant, so we could desire to purchase a lot of meals without gluten. The meals tastes so much a similar and infrequently much extra useful. that's stressful sometimes to locate gluten loose meals, yet once you comprehend the fabulous places that's effortless. i take advantage of Safeway, yet different shops which communicate allergic reactions could paintings wonderful too. Fruit and veg shops have additionally are available obtainable. reckoning on the foodstuff, the fees can variety, so I recommend you verify it out for your self. I do recommend you supply her a similar meal simply by fact the others, otherwise she might sense somewhat omitted or perhaps tempted to consume something which may make her ill. Plus, what if she eats something without realising it has gluten in it? attempt to maintain the social gathering meals thoroughly freed from gluten for her. that's rather severe high quality which you're making specific this pal feels extra useful at your social gathering, via proposing foodstuff for her. i will permit you comprehend that a lot of people do no longer. solid success, Maple xoxo

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  • Michal
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    7 years ago

    salsa and chips (should be able to find those gf-salsa just check for flour in ingredients but corn flour is ok)

    Potato chips (not pringles, they have wheat, most don't check the package)

    gluten free pretzels (most grocery stores carry them, I love the chocolate covered ones) Glutino/Snyders (blue usually down on bottom shelf)


    Let her open them and put onto a paper plate

    The items in the freezer are pricey unless you're loaded, but that's where you find your cakes and stuff. Some cities even have gf bakeries. We have three in NYC, but I wouldn't trust one because they make spelt items, too.

    Glutino is the most trustworthy brand dedicated to gluten free products ONLY.

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  • ?
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    7 years ago

    It depends a lot on why she is gluten free.

    If it's for gluten intolerance, then fruit salads, parfaits with berries and whip cream, roast chicken, steak, a burger with no bun, ribs with homemade BBQ sauce or gluten free BBQ sauce, all sorts of things should be good.

    If she is a celiac, then I would honestly call her and see if she is bringing her own food or if she would be comfortable for you to provide some. Celiacs are MUCH more sensitive. If you touch the gluten free food with contaminated hands, or contaminated utensils, you could make her very sick. So most celiacs are more comfortable bringing their own food, to be honest. It's safer for them, and easier for you. :-)

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