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Can I make a gokart using motorized bike wheels?

More specifically can I build a go cart usin motorized bike wills from a conversion kit to make any bike an electric bike.

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    Yes you can. However yor will have a quadracycle. The smallest hub motors you can get for a bike are 16 inch.

    Check with your state dmv for regs on motorized biks. Some will consider an electric bike a moped and require its registration there are also speed and power limits that must not be exceeded in order to be legal. Also a four wheeled cycle can be classified differently and require a registration to be allowed on the road where as a two of three wheeled one doesn't. a quadracycle can be treated like a car for the purpose of registration requiring insurance. Basically the Dmv is discouraging the use of quadracycles because they are wide slow moving vehicles that can't get out of the way of automotive .


    In Mass a narrow two wheeled vehicle like a bike is legal to operate on the road while a wide segway is not.

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  • 7 years ago

    This is difficult to answer with the information provided but I think I can help.

    A bicycle has large wheels and a go-cart usually has small wheels. If you make your go-cart with wheels the size of a bicycle then you can probably do this. If you don't then the speed you get from your go-cart would be decreased proportionally to the size of the size of the go-cart wheel/ bicycle wheel. Typically a bicycle wheel of 30" and a go-cart wheel would be 8" 8/30=.26 x design speed of bicycle.

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