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王子 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

The lack of appreciation 英文翻譯

The lack of appreciation of the limits of present scientific knowledge of life has direct and very gangerous consequences for the position of man in our world picture.

It leads to indentification of man with a complicated physica-chemical mechanism, and this, in turn, to fevaluation of all that is genuinely human.

A mechanism is amoral; "mechanization" of life, be it conscious or unconscious, is bound to lead to destruction of all ethics.

If we consider life in general and the freedom of the individual in particular as positive values, we are forced to consider the mechanistic-materialistic concept of life as immoral.

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  • 8 years ago
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    對於生活的了解 現代科學知識有其侷限 如果不能體會這一點 那麼對於在我們的世界觀中人類的地位 就會有直接而且壞蛆性的後果產生

    它導致了對於有複雜的物理-化學機制的人的認同 而這樣又導致了對於所有有真正人性的事情的評價

    機制是不道德的 不論有意識或無意識地把生命機制化 必然會導致所有道德倫理的崩壞

    如果我們認為 一般性地考慮生活 或 特別考慮個人的自由 是有正面價值的話 我們就必得認為 機械主義-物質主義觀念 的生活 是不道德的

  • 8 years ago

    The lack of appreciation (缺少正確瞭解)





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