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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

請幫忙翻譯英文文章!! 20點! (關於化妝過程 很短)



首先要洗臉,把多餘的油脂和灰塵洗掉。 第一個步驟是依序上化妝水、乳液,隔離霜、粉底液,最後鋪上蜜粉完成底妝。好的底妝可以避免容易花掉和定妝

表演妝最重要的部分在於眼妝,上下眼線可以畫得誇張、粗,在眼尾上勾可以顯得較為有神。 眼影要畫得濃,可以採用兩~三層堆疊的方式,最後加上亮粉讓眼睛顯得大。

唇彩可以選用較亮眼的顏色。 最後,即完成一個簡單的表演妝。


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  • 8 years ago
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    How to do a performance makeup.

    The proper sequence to do a makeup is very important. If the sequence is messed up, it will do harm to your skin. Below I am going to give a brief description on how to conduct a makeup for performance purpose.

    First you have to wash your face thoroughly. The purpose is to wash away all the grease and dirt. Then you put on lotion, followed by emulsion then cream, then liquid foundation, finally the face powder. That completes the foundation of a makeup. A good foundation keeps all other makeup added on later in good position and therefore is very important.

    For performance purpose, eye makeup is the most important part. Exaggerate the eyelines by making them thick and draw them upward at the ends. This will make the eyes attractive on stage. The eye shadow also need to be heavy. You should have at least two to three layers and then put on a layer of glitter to make the eyes look bigger.

    For the lipsticks, always use bright color for performance makeup.

    That completes a simple performance makeup.

  • 8 years ago

    How to performances of makeup

    A complete make-up process in the wrong order easily burden the skin, here to describe how to have a show with makeup

    First you want to wash your face, wash off the excess grease and dust. The first step is to sequence on make-up, lotion, Cream, liquid foundation, and finally covered with powder finish looking finish. Good looking finish can be avoided easily spend and Dingzhuang

    Performing makeup the most important part is the eye makeup, the upper and lower eyeliner can draw exaggerated, crude, at the end of eye uppercut God. Eye shadow to draw thick, can be used two to three stack, and finally add glitter eyes look larger.

    Lip gloss can choose to use a more rosy color. Finally, to complete a simple Cultural shaving.

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