How to do an all-white bedroom?

I want to redo my room to make it more mature and soothing, so naturally I want to make it all-white, because white is just clean. Currently, it is painted like 4 different colors and it is just too distracting for me. I just need some advice on how to actually successfully carry out an all-white room, because I want it to look good.

I currently have some disgusting mauve carpet that I want to redo with the laminate wood pergo stuff, so suggestions on the shade would be appreciated.

My current furniture (which I'm NOT changing) is this light colored wood that is kind of girly and swirly- think carved-in bows, scalloped edges, etc. So any suggestions should be made with that taken into account.

I also have these storage containers, which I got when I had this 'wonderful' idea to make my room modern and filled with every color, and they are these black plastic cube things, like 1.5 cubic feet each, and each cube holds a drawer, of which I chose either a solid, bright color or white with giant solid color polka dots. I'm debating whether to get rid of them, keep them in their place, put them in the closet so I can still use them, or to swap them out for these other white plastic storage containers (also kind of ugly), so suggestions for cheap ways to solve that storage issue (by cheap I mean under $50)

I also have this table lamp that is pretty small and has all these hanging shiny, mirror disks, should I keep that?

I would have proffered to do a more modern bedroom, but my furniture is just too old-fashioned to go totally modern, so keep that in mind.

For the walls, I really want to add in an exposed brick wall (I know how to DIY it) and it would be white brick. Also, I like the idea of adding in panels (I also know how to DIY those), but I don't think they go together. Also, in terms of my color choices, should I be doing warm-toned whites or cool-toned whites? And since the modern vibe is not a possibility should I be trying to go with an elegant, rich sort of feel with paneled walls or more of a not-quite-shabby chic style with an exposed brick wall and lace and vintagey?


As a side note I am a girl, so keep any suggestions feminine. Also, I am in high school, so I want my room to be fairly mature, and something I could live with into my adult life when I come back to visit.

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    I think the exposed brick, shabby-chic vibe would work best for you for now, and after you finish High School. Does you bed have a headboard? Think about removing it and DIY make one that hangs on the wall. Think white fabric that is thick, and lush and will add dimension with texture. How about faux fur even!!! A white chenille bedspread would work well for headboard material if you can find one at a thrift store. You would only need a double whether you have a single bed, double, or queen...

    Storage wise introducing black is not a problem. You could put the containers in a closet. Think about painting your dresser and nightstand white also. A lamp with mirrors is ok as long as the base is either white or clear. If not, think of spray painting it silver to go with the mirrors!! Speaking of mirrors....

    Have you thought about doing your closet or bedroom door in mirrors? I'm not talking about a long one-piece mirror. I'm talking about all sizes, framed or unframed that you could stack together and make a piece of functional art by arranging them collectively on your door. Function & funky. You could also dress up your dresser and nightstand by changing out the drawer pulls, or camouflaging them by making or buying tassels. This would be an unexpected, very chic idea.

    Under the bed storage is also a great idea, especially for seasonal clothes, shoes and purses.

    Ever thought about using empty picture frames, minus even the glass for a jewelry keeper? By buying teacup hooks you can screw them into the frame so that they hang down, and place necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets, etc. on the hooks and hang the picture frame on the wall. You can also purchase (or even get free) from your local hardware store, some metal screening material that you can staple to the back of the frame and use for a pierced earring keeper. By arranging these frames on your wall, you've recycled, re-purposed and redesigned a functional piece of art. Why stop there? Why not purchase Command strip hooks (they don't mark up the walls) and incorporate them so that you can hang some of your most unusual or favorite purses. Because you will be constantly changing out your accessories and purses, it will be ever-changing so you won't get bored with it.

    If you are going white and bright, keep your floors light. I'd use a white paint that has primer in it. Depending on the colors you are covering, it should look the same when you are finished. People use primer on painted walls first, usually to cover the color underneath so that the new paint is truer and looks the same no matter what colors were on each wall. Most paints today have the primer in it eliminating that step.

    Good luck and happy decorating!

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    I like white walls in my bedroom for various reasons. White paint is one of, if not, the cheapest paint (yes, I am cheap). The room appears bigger when painted white. And, with white walls, the bedroom set, along with matching color lamps, becomes the focal point of the room, rather than, having one piece being the focal point. I even go with a very light color carpet to get an airy feel in this room. I am steadfast in ensuring that this room has little or nothing resting on the furniture pieces. After all, this is where I sleep so I want it free of clutter and distractions for a peaceful night sleep. Bathrooms should be white or of very light color. Easier to see dried water spots on the walls and dust in the corner. If you are not on a set cleaning schedule, then seeing mess reminds you to clean quickly.

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    Hi There,

    I have some great ideas on my mind for your all white bedroom. Check out these ideas and use some of them if you want.

    1. Paint all the walls white

    This is an obvious and the most important step in your case. An all white bedroom has to have white walls.

    2. Pep up the white walls with mirrors

    Pick some unique small mirrors to make your white walls look great. Check out some great white mirrors here You can also choose another color like purple or pink. You can pick some lavender or pink mirrors for the wall.

    3. Pick a white bedroom vanity

    Check out some good bedroom vanity sets for women online. If you don't want a white set then go for a light brown one. This one will match well with your other furniture items. Check out some white and other vanity sets here

    4. Pick a white lampshade

    Check out this link This is a pretty all white bedroom with a white lampshade and a canopy bed. You can try this look.

    Keep those colored black plastic cube things away from your all white bedroom. Keep them in the closet and use your pretty table lamp with you and place it on your vanity table.

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    All white rooms are just lovely :

    In this picture, the brown floors add depth and dimension to the room :

    Also use some baskets to break up the white a bit.Keep your lamp if you wish. Or use one with silver base or even a clear base.You may also want to use a paint color that has a bit of a tint to it. Look at the top row.

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    paint every thing black,

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