What is Down syndrome ?

Is Down syndrome considered a mental illness or a disease ?

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    Down syndrome is a intellectual disability caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21. The average chromosomes for a human is 46 (I believe). Each cell is divided into 23. Chromosomes contains copies from each parent. If an infant was born with only three 21 chromosomes, that would rule out trisomy 21.

    That's why many people with down syndrome have abnormal parts of their body. They usually have a flattened nose, large tongue, smaller hands and feet, and abnormal growth.

    There are different types of down syndrome such as mosaic and translocation. Translocation down syndrome is kind of rare.

    Source(s): SPED K-12 major.
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    genetic disorder with often significant effects on cognitive function.

    Source(s): trisomy 21
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