What is this plant plant that grows on a vine like a cucumber?

I found this plant just show up in my veggie garden. I thought it was a cucumber at first. It looks like a cucumber with grape looking balls on it with spikes on each of them. It is about 3 cm long and still green.
Update: It's not an eggplant. This is a very unusual fruit/veggie. The plant leaves and stem looks and grows like a cucumber, watermelon or rockmelon however once the flowers turn into a fruit it looks nothing like these. It's not zucchini or a pumpkin either.
Update 2: No it's nothing like a bur cumber. It's more like little round balls on a cucumber looking plant. Bit like grapes with a pointy spike on each of them. I have a pic but don't know if I can paste it on here
Update 3: http://i37.tinypic.com/121eqgh.jpg
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