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Help with Guatemala Project?

I have to do a Project on Guatemala..stuff like the capital sports food...Etc...any facts I should say for my project or a creative way i could make it or present it...i was thinking either just a poster board or pamflit......did i spell that right?

Thanks for the Help !!! :-) :-) :-)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hello, Guatemala is a beautiful country, with so much diversity. Look up Antigua, Guatemala, an Spanish colonial town, and look up its history. A gorgeous colonial town, best destination in central America rated by trip advisor. Also look up semuc champey, rio dulce, Livingston, xela. These are other destinations in Guatemala which are widely known in the country. The famous destination here are the mayan ruins called tikal, which is situated up north in the country in the department of Peten (instead of states we call them departments). Look up Chichicastenango as well. Now if you want facts here are some: Antigua, Guatemala (the Spanish colonial town I mentioned earlier) used to be the capital city of the country, but being hit by a strong earthquake back in the 18th century the capital was moved to where it is today, Guatemala City. Belize used to be a part of Guatemala, until it was bought from the british, and the entire meso America, during colonial times, was called El Reino de Guatemala (the kingdom of Guatemala) until all the other provinces broke apart and became countrys of their own (such as Nicaragua, Honduras, etc). Foods eaten here are chuchitos, tamales, tostadas, dulces tipicos, and chiles rellenos (look them up in google for a description and picture of each), and of course beans and corn is one of the most eaten products here in Guatemala. Here is a lot of information from my country, got inspired. Hope some of this information helped into putting in your project.

    Source(s): Am Guatemalan, and lived here all my life.
  • 8 years ago

    Pamphlet. You can use the SEARCH bar to look up info on Guatemala...just enter "Guatemala" and click. you will get tons of info. if you want specific info on food, type " Guatemala, food, " etc. zzzzYou can get photos too..."Guatemala, photos."

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    5 years ago

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