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Careers in Astronomy?

Hey I am in senior school (15yrsold) and am looking into career choices for the future I know it is early but I really just want to look into it.

So here are my questions-

What different fields are there in astronomy?

What are the best degrees etc for it?

What is the average wage?

and any other interesting things?

thanks :)


I am a girl (some of you have mentioned me and my wife) and I am on track for 10 A* and 1 A in GCSEs

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    1. There are many fields of astronomy (solar, planetary, stellar, galactic, extragalactic, cosmology) and subfields in there, many ways of approaching the subject (observational, computational, theoretical, experimental) and ways of dividing up those fields (radio, submilimeter, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma rays, gravitational waves).

    2. You'll need a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or physics. Major in physics in college, take classes in astronomy, math, and computer science, and then apply to grad schools after that. It's 8-12 years of college and most jobs also expect 2-6 more years of postdoc work (short research appointments after your PhD before getting a 'real' job). Spend your college summers doing research at your school or others to find out if you actually want to do research for a living, since that's most of the jobs.

    3. The salary for a postdoc is between 30k and 60k a year. That's 2-6 years after college. Most people want to work at a college or university; the starting salary for a new physics professor with a PhD in one of those fields is around 55k. Some people make more than that starting; many make less. NASA and national labs pay more, but those jobs are harder to get and most people don't want them as much for many reasons.

    There aren't a ton of jobs in the field; you need to be willing to take what you can get and more pretty much anywhere to do it. If you love what you're doing, you'll be happy with the job and the money you make, but there are much easier ways to make money and be happy.

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    There's a lot here, and the bottom line is this. If money is important to you (and I don't mean to insult you if it is), but if that's what you want of your life, then you *SHOULD NOT* go into astronomy.

    That said, can you make a decent wage? Yes.

    1. What different fields are there?

    That's a tough question. YOu could study cosmology, stars, planets, galaxies, but is that what you meant? If not, then there's really only two jobs in astronomy: teacher (usually college professor) or scientist (usually at a government lab and often controlling, maintaining, or servicing a telescope).

    2. Best degree?

    A Ph.D. You can get a large way with a Master's, but you'll quickly hit a "glass ceiling".

    3. Average wage?

    Very tough, because it depends on the degree. If you're a college professor, then you'll start out around $70,000 per 9 months and top out around $110,000 per 9 months. A government scientist will be about the same, but for 12 months. If you only have a Master's, then you're porbably around $50,000 per 12 months and not eligible for a Professorship (note, you could do a community college, but the rate will still be around 50,000 per 12 months, maybe as much as 70,000 for 12 months).

    4. Any other interesting things?

    Yeah, lots. You'd be an astronomer! How cool is that? You're life will have easy things and hard things. It will vary from extremely stressful (when grants are due) to very relaxed.

    Good luck!

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    There are numerous fields that deal with astronomy. One must take in mine that astronomy contains an abundance of mathematical calculations and physics.

    - Astronomer

    - Astrophysics

    - Cosmology

    - Theoretical Physicist

    However if you want to study strictly astronomy you probably would be interested in a career in astronomy. Get a degree in astronomy, mathematics, and physics. Astronomer's wages range from $40,000- $150,000 but the average pay is around 60 or 70 grand a year. One must be intelligent to be exceptional in this field, correction one must be extremely intelligent to be exceptional in this field.

    If you are not after a lot of money just fascination and discoveries and adding to the cognizance that our world contains then a field in astronomy is perfect for you.

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    did no longer I already answer this for you as quickly as? besides... in case you want a occupation in astronomy - then confident - you could desire to do a PhD. you will desire to artwork in a planetarium or museum without PhD - yet it extremely is approximately it. As for careers - easily that is college professor or examine scientist for a central authority lab (e.g. NASA). the two way you want a PhD. the excellent component approximately the two interest is which you have a tendency to have an outstanding sort of freedom. You do have a "boss", yet you have a tendency to be waiting to do greater or much less what you want (interior particular limits). i'm a school professor meaning that i'm greater or much less my very own boss. I would desire to coach particular classes each and each semester, and that i don;t get to set the schedule - yet it extremely is exceptionally lots the only cut back. I do artwork long hours, and that i additionally mentor and advise the two undergraduate and graduate pupils, yet it is on my own schedule. I additionally do an outstanding sort of "outreach" - i.e. giving talks etc for the final public. and then the main significant area of my interest is examine (I learn stardust). I would desire to write proposals to strengthen funds and get telescope time - yet in the two circumstances it is on matters of my finding out on. it extremely is the perfect interest interior the international. that is not ordinary - yet i gets a commission to think of roughly stardust and share my know-how. As for the thank you to get there - take as lots technological know-how and math as you could in extreme college. in case you could take calculus till now you get to college, this might enable you to lots. as quickly as you get to college - confirm you get to accomplish a splash examine as an undergraduate - it is going to serve you properly in stepping into grad college (and remember this whilst finding out on faculties).

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