how does the human population effect biology?


How does it affect the different parts in biology in general?

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    8 years ago
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    Ever since the Black Death the human population has gone up, and is now maybe around 7 billion people worldwide. Humans consume natural resources in order to sustain themselves. This means animals, certain species are being hunted, killed and sold to the point of near extinction or no longer exist anymore.

    Human population numbers expanding also mean the tearing down of precious forests by Real Estate companies in order to build houses and sell them while making animals homeless who's habitat(home) was the forests.

    Theoretically the human population may grow to a point when the Earth may not be able to sustain itself and become a wasteland due to the toxic pollution from factories, auto exhaust emissions, tearing down forests, and expanding cities.

    Unless there is another pandemic like the Black Plague, the human race will essentially destroy the Earth. A disease that kills off a certain percent of the human race will make like much easier because of the less competition for natural resources.

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    Lots of ways. The question is which part of biology? Human biology? Ecology? Marine Biology. etc....

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