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What doe the term "they went IFR and crashed" mean in militaty speak?

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    Instrument flight rules (IFR) are one of two sets of regulations governing all aspects of civil aviation aircraft operations; the other are visual flight rules (VFR). Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) defines IFR as: “Rules and regulations established by the FAA to govern flight under conditions in which flight by outside visual reference is not safe. IFR flight depends upon flying by reference to instruments in the flight deck, and navigation is accomplished by reference to electronic signals. It is also referred to as, “a term used by pilots and controllers to indicate the type of flight plan an aircraft is flying,” such as an IFR or VFR flight plan. See:

    Your sentence "they went IFR and crashed" suggests that the pilot found himself flying in conditions where outside visual reference was unsafe, electing to continue flying by reference to the flight deck instruments. Unfortunately, this strategy of relying on electronic signals and flight-deck instruments could not save the aircraft and it crashed.

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