Living in Waltham Forest. London, E17?

I am thinking of relocating from the North West to Waltham Forest. London, E17, Does anyone have first hand experience of living in this area, or know what it is like please?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Walthamstow is E17, Waltham Forest is the borough Walthamstow is in and covers other areas. As a rule of thumb, outside the North Circular is a lot nicer than inside it and as such I would definitely say to live in Chingford over Walthamstow or Leyton. Leytonstone is okay. Neigbouring Redbridge is a lot nicer, and you cannot go wrong with areas such as Wanstead, Snaresbrook, South Woodford, Woodford, Redbridge or Gants Hill. Avoid Ilford though!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hey I'm from Walthamstow and I've lived here all my life, I'm 18 years old. You'll mix in quite well. It has good shopping destinations and especially with The Scene being built near Walthamstow Market it'll really stand out. I live near Hoe Street and it's one of the main busy roads you'll see here. Don't worry about crime, the crime rate here is not as bad as some of hour neighbouring towns. If you walk at night, like any area, I'd suggest walking on main roads if you really need to go out. Walthamstow isn't such a big town but there's quite a lot to explore and in general it's a nice place to settle down in. I've been living here for years and I've not experienced anything bad. Good luck with moving here :). Travel is also easy with Walthamstow Central so you could go easily travel to places like central London and nearby places without much effort.

  • 7 years ago

    I went to waltham forest college, depends were you live but e17 is walthamstow and walthamstow is ghetto.

    Its ok in the day but at night you don't want to be walking around alone.

  • Rob
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    7 years ago

    Well walthamstow is the home of the worlds longest street market. I think it has a very large black South African community so you do need to brush up on you local South Africa dilettante

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes I used to live in walthamstow. the area is nice . you will get bus station and tube station shopping mall everything. Most of the people are Asian there.

  • cubit
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    3 years ago

    now's a good time to bypass right here issues have replaced in the final 15 years under an city regeneration. 21 intense upward push tower blocks vast estates all have been redeveloped in the present day there are merely 2 towers one with the aid of be the final knocked down. many colleges Host borough for the olympics reward to make a buisness will earnings super in the years yet to return. Its very different type human beings quite often all of us can fit in right here. Disavantages some aspects have gun crime intense theft & theft of vehivles in aspects like Leyton. Chingford- greatest city many open feilds borders with Essex woodland lands open area least crime an excellent style of massive properties yet no undeground station merely national rail Walthamstow- Centre of the borough significant procuring centre & procuring section longest marketplace in Europe 1mile, many colleges borough bus station 2 underground stations 3 national rail has open areas walthamstow marshes significant buisness centre of the borough. Has a extremely village observed as Walthamstow Village. maximum different area of the borough Leytonstone- One part has vast properties extremely sparkling peacfull the different 0.5 is like Leyton crime busy grimy one Underground station Leyton- Smallest city maximum city like in the borough/dense busy Host city for the olympics a stadium is being outfitted there. Closest to the city maximum crime maximum densely inhabitants divesre chepest poorest housing 2 of the bigest property in the borough are in Leyton yet have in view that been redevloped yet with the aid of olympics expenses are going to be very intense. Has 2 procuring aspects soccer team many activities facitlities (golfing direction ice rank swimming cricket activities centre 2 soccer stadiums destiny olympics). Underground station & national rail. Opeen areas Leyton Marshes. Stratford city which has merely started being outfitted merely south of Leyton in the subsequent 15 years would be yet another develepmomnt like Canary wharf, Skyscrapers many shops, many roles an excellent style of housing the main important redevelopment in Europe suitable now. includes international station (Eurostar to France) you come to a determination what area you like I stay in Leyton yet identity particularly stay in Chingford.

  • 7 years ago

    It's enemy territory.

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