Why isn't Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea friendly with one another, despite relations with the US?

I think Taiwan and Japan are a little bit cool, not sure exactly, but what about Japan and South Korea? Or South Korea and Taiwan? Moreover, don't all 3 despise China and North Korea? Why the divisiveness?

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    8 years ago
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    People of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea are friendly to each other. But Taiwan doesn't have official diplomatic relationship with Japan or South Korea.

    Japan broke diplomatic tie with Taiwan ROC in 1973, based on the needs of growth of trade with PRC.

    South Korea was friendly to Taiwan and was a strong anti-communist country. This is until 1992.

    In 1989, there was Tienanmen massacre in PRC. South Korean government during that time frame pushed Taiwan to buy their navy frigates. Taiwan officially turned down the deal and bought their navy frigates from France. South Korean then broke diplomatic tie with Taiwan and went for PRC's large market.



    Existing issues:

    S. Korea v.s. Japan: territory dispute, and WWII comfort women issue.

    Taiwan v.s. Japan: territory dispute, and WWII comfort women issue.

    Taiwan v.s. S. Korea: Samsung and HTC competition and other business competitions (LCD panels, semiconductor chips), and athletic events competitions.

    Disaster relieves:

    Japan v.s Taiwan: People in Japan helped Taiwan during Taiwan's 921 earthquake.

    Taiwan v.s. Japan: People in Taiwan helped Japan for 311 earthquake and Tsunami.

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    korea (north and south) nevertheless despise the eastern for his or her conflict crimes on their people including kidnapping, rape and chemical experiments, all would desire to be forgiven if eastern apologise yet wager what, eastern have ''re-written'' their historic previous by no longer coaching pupils approximately their evil deeds in ww2 yet using propaganda somewhat to tell eastern approximately how reliable they have been...and how korean women people bought theirself to eastern squaddies, which motives todays eastern to think of that korean women everybody is whores and prostitutes whilst infact they have been compelled...

  • 8 years ago

    Several centuries of fighting amongst each other (and even with themselves within their own countries) has created such bad blood among all the Far Eastern people that they'll likely NEVER learn to get along with each other.

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