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why is there such a strong racism among us Muslims?

Please dont tell me it doesn't exists....It definitely does. A turk said that all the Bengalis who live in Saudi arabia are drivers (which is not true) and most of them are ugly.....I said go to any PHd classes here in any university in America, all you would see is Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian students...You wont see Turks there......Then My Egyptian friend said that he hates Bengalis and Indians on to my face but to him I am more like an Arab ( I am a proud Bengali and he knows it ).......My Turkish "friend" said that one of my Indians smell a lot because they dont take a bath.All these people are very well aware of Islam. Things like these anger me and really make me think what happened to our nation? There were no racism in the past, how did it suddenly came about?

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    I think the squabbling above just proved your point

    Even asking about it promotes more racism loool

    *backs away slowly and quickly heads off in opposite direction


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    8 years ago

    There is no denying the fact that hatred among followers of Islam has been surfacing since the 9/11 and such incidents when people started noticing who were the AQ and who was OBL and what was his twisted beliefs etc. We already had lots of distrust and tensions among the Shia and Sunni Muslims, particularly those we see every now and then happening in Pakistan.

    Now our regular user in this forum from KSA "Mintee" pointed out another sad but somewhat true events going on in the KSA where our countrymen are involved. There are disputes in the claim of even treatment being meted out by the KSA private employers, but those can't be justified by turning into 'criminals'. I was all along thinking that expatriate South Asian people live in KSA under threat of losing their jobs, if not life, with not so true accusations. Anyway, let's leave the final judgement as per our belief dictate.

    I don't know if the lower rung laborers in teh KSA or any Arab countries act bad out of "nationalism" but we hear the sorry tale of the returnees as to how they were deprived of basic necessities of survival in punishing world at the outback of the KSA cities. I would like to know from Users here ("Mintee" in particular) how she thinks Muslim helpless poor laborers are treated by their employers who can get away with their maltreatment of laborers?

    Btw, we can see lip-services offered by the powerful Muslim countries to the plight of the Burmese (Myanmar) Muslim Rohingyas who are being harassed and living subhuman life with conditions similar to what the then Pakistani military did to the Bengali population back in 1971, when whole world people were not having access to information at that time as they have now. Isn't it a kind of discrimination among the Muslims?

    Hope this explains the dilemma the Muslims are experiencing.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Racism is a virus that breeds and goes into every social group. It normally affects those without the mental capacity to think for themselves - those narrow minded people that only care about what they heard, or what they read in the newspaper.

    It is a feeling that is fed to people mostly by the media which depicts minorities or other social groups in a certain society in a negative light and people internalise these depictions. Not realising these feelings are unfounded and not even their own. But then again how else can the poor remain poor? Divide them with racism and they become easy to conquer. I'd say if anything people should start thinking for themselves and actually get to sit down and talk to other races because they are just like you. You can only know that though, if you get up and open up especially if you're in the same religion!

  • Mintee
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    8 years ago

    I dont use the term racism.. cause I believe its more "nationalism"...

    I mean what race do you classify bengalis in? caucasian, arab(NO).. black(no).. what?

    anyways.. let me explain something..

    im not against anyone from anywhere, but having lived in SaudiArabia for 17years..

    for some reason.. like 75% of the bengalis that come here, they run from their jobs and start underground crime groups.. they rape, murder, steal.. and Saudi has to end up deporting them..

    its almost as if bengali sends us their worst..(these are not the professionals, but the laborers)

    sure there are good bengali people, im not disputing that..

    but why do these men tend to gravitate towards crime much more than any other national here in Saudi...

    there was a rumor that bengali in order to deal with prison overcrowding, the job recruiters were hiring hardened criminals and sending them over here.. after investigation.. there was supposed evidence to that fact... Now I have no idea or evidence or can even begin to prove such allegations.. but it makes one wonder..

    again,, its not racism,, its nationalism that people are against... Saudi does not have such a problem with other asian nationals..

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  • 8 years ago

    everyone is equal at ALLAH'S Sight. Allahu Akbar. don't question about ALLAH'S will n His creations. u ppl have just a very small size brains!!

    looks like most of the stupids here r forgetting the Quran n prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.

    u will not be questioned what is ur nationally on the Judgement day!!

  • 8 years ago

    I read answers I can't believe people are so mean when it comes to colour and race.. I don't have any answers, I just don't expect these kind of hatered!! Why don't people see us as human being we all are humans...

    @ALI how can u say that Indian bangladeshi judge muslims on the basis of their beard...DO U KNOW US? Your statement clearly says that u know nothing about all haters have a pre assumed conception about us thats, may Allah swt make u realise ur wrong doings......


  • 8 years ago

    racism has nothing to do with religion. But religion teaches us not to become racist. Racism is in built in our system right from the time we are born. My mother is best. my father can bit him. that were all it start with.

    I get lots of blow of racism every day though i live in my country. I asked my friend who is and old man and a beach comber and he told me all this.

    we are racist with families, community, tribe, cast, sibling, social status, achievements, etc.

  • 8 years ago

    Because they are jealous of our intelligence. Indian, Pakistanis and bangalis are smart and become doctors and engineers while Arabs sit at shesha bar and smoke hooka. If Arabs didnt have oil they would have nothing. They would still be living in tents.

    Sorry I should have said some Arabs because not all Arabs are like. I know many nice Arabs. I hate racist people and I they are loser in life and hereafter.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No, that's just some ignorant people. Not everyone.

  • 8 years ago

    Not just muslims, its in everyone, so chill dude

    i feel like it suddenly came out too smh :(

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