How do I turn off the preview pane on the latest version of the Yahoo mail Android tablet app?

I downloaded the Play Store update on 4/18/2013 and now there is a "preview pane" on the tablet version of the Yahoo mail Android app. I do not want to automatically preview my messages and I definitely don't want them marked as read just because there was a preview shown. How's do I turn the reading pane off so I just have the normal inbox message list? This doesn't seem to be a problem with the phone version of the app update for smartphones.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I've also found that to be an annoyance, since I don't use the preview pane in any email programs.

    Based on my research so far, that can't be turned off. The generic "Email" application still works with Yahoo!, so that would be one way to still get Yahoo! email on your tablet (if yours includes the "Email" app) without a preview pane. The app's icon should be a white envelope with a yellow @ in it.

    Otherwise, going back to the previous version of the Yahoo! mail app would be another way to get rid of the preview pane—though that may not be a practical solution.

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