SWOT analysis for duke energy?

i am doing a SWOT analysis of duke energy and one of the weaknesses is a "unfavorable generation portfolio"... what exactly does that mean

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    8 years ago
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    The portion of the company that generates energy like below

    "PG&E's utility-owned generation portfolio consists of an extensive hydroelectric system, one operating nuclear power plant, one operating natural gas-fired power plant, and another gas-fired plant under construction. Two other plants owned by the company have been permanently removed from commercial operation: Humboldt Bay Unit 3 (nuclear) and Hunters Point (fossil)."

  • huitt
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    4 years ago

    out of your question, I assemble you're doing a SWOT diagnosis for a sparkling industry for the corporate to function in, so the respond isn't any! you will possibly desire to do a SWOT diagnosis for any new company - and purely as a results of fact a company is new would not end it having strengths and weaknesses! you attempt to artwork out which industry the corporate might desire to enter. for sure, a number of those would be u . s . a . proper - what type of industry is it? Is bribery an elementary situation? Is the rustic sturdy? Is the foreign places money sturdy? Will there be a language barrier? you will additionally look on the hot industry - how plenty opposition is there? what's going to the call for for the corporate's products be? what's transportation like? What are labour demands like? Are you production or exporting? What tax responsibilities will might desire to be paid? What are residences like? basically, you're doing 7 'Newco' SWOT analyses - one for each u . s . a .. a number of them would be u . s . a .-proper, yet no longer all of them! Please recognize a potential is additionally a weak point, a potential might nicely be an probability etc. stable success with your undertaking - and don't hesitate to touch me in case you elect for any further help!

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