How Hard Is It To Get Into UNC-Chapel Hill?

I want to become a pharmacist, and Chapel Hill seems like the best place to go. I know how much it costs, and I want to do this. But, how hard is it to get into this school if you live in North Carolina? I have all As and Bs and I'm in two clubs right now. I have a belt in kickboxing, and working on my second belt. I haven't got my SAT scores back yet, but I will. Does this look good or bad compared to other people trying to get in?

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    From UNC-Chapel Hill's admissions site -


    29,497 applied

    7,847 admitted (27% of those applying; 50% of NC applicants, 15% of others)

    3,914 enrolled (50% of those admitted; 65% of NC admits, 25% of others)


    1st in high-school class 7% (of those whose schools reported rank)

    2nd in high-school class 13%

    Top 10% of high-school class 79%

    Average GPA 4.5 (of 91% whose schools reported 4.0 GPAs)

    High-school GPA of 4.0+ 91%

    25th-75th percentiles

    —SAT Critical Reading 590-700

    —SAT Math 610-710

    —SAT Writing 580-690

    —ACT Composite 28-32


    U.S. citizens 95.5%

    Permanent residents 2.5%

    Non-Resident aliens 2%

    Female 59%

    Male 41%

    First-generation college 18%

    Requirements to enter UNC Elshman School of Pharmacy:

    Prerequisite Courses

    The doctor of pharmacy degree requires at least two years of prepharmacy study.

    The doctor of pharmacy requires at least two years of undergraduate study, followed by four years of study in the professional program.

    All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C minus or better.

    Applicants who have completed all prerequisites or who will complete all prerequisites by the end of May will be given first priority for admission.

    Prerequisites for Applicants Who Entered College Fall 2006 or After

    Students who hold a baccalaureate degree must only complete the math and science prerequisites.

    Students who do not have a baccalaureate degree must meet the math and science prerequisites and the general education requirements.

    Math and Science Prerequisites

    Course Number Title Hours

    Chemistry 101/101L General Chemistry 1 with lab 4

    Chemistry 102/102L General Chemistry II with lab 4

    Chemistry 241/241L Separations/Analytical Char with lab 3

    (Only required for students completing

    prerequisite courses at UNC-Chapel Hill)

    Chemistry 261 Organic Chemistry I with lab 3-4

    Chemistry 262/262L Organic Chemistry II with lab 4

    Biology 101/101L Principles of Biology with lab 4

    Biology 252/252L Human Anat/Physiology with lab 4

    Microbiology 251 or 255 Microbiology with lab 4

    Physics 104/104L or 116 General Physics I with lab 4

    Physics 105/105L or 117 General Physics II with lab 4

    (Not required of students completing

    Chemistry 241/241L at UNC-Chapel Hill)

    Math 231 or 241 Calculus of One Variable 3

    Statistics 151 or 155 Statistics 3

    General Education Requirements

    Foreign Language-completion through level three in a single language. 9-10

    Social and Behavioral Sciences-three courses from at least two different departments or curricula. One of these courses must be a Historical Analysis course. 9

    Humanities and Fine Arts- one course in philosophical analysis that contains significant content in ethics and moral reasoning (Philosophical and Moral Reasoning), one course in literature and one course in visual or performing arts (Visual, Performing, and Literary Arts). 9

    Lifetime Fitness 1

    U.S. Diversity 3

    Global Issues 3

    *English 105 (Composition and Rhetoric) 3

    * - English 101 and 102 are acceptable for students who entered college in fall 2011 or earlier

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    Unc Pharmacy School Prerequisites

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