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With less international stars playing county cricket will England become a harder place to tour?

Most test teams were used to English conditions because their main players all played their first class cricket here. With the rise of domestic T20 leagues less players are learning their trade in the UK and so are not familiar with conditions here. To use India as an example, their previous generation of players all played first class cricket in England including Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag, Ganguly, Khan, Kumble, Singh, Pathan etc. When their players who were use to English conditions didn't perform well (apart from Dravid) in their last tour here they were horribly exposed. The situation is similar for a lot of teams in the world, barring Australia and South Africa. Will touring England only become more difficult?


SBS: The only thing we have copied from Australia is learning how to tie the kangaroos down. Thanks Rolf.

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    England has always been a difficult place to tour, particularly at this time of year in the early season, with the ammount of green on the pitches and wet weather, it's a pace/swing bowler's paradise. Sub-continental teams such as Pakistan have always struggled in England simply because the conditions are so different to their own, and the fact that less of their players are playing domestic cricket here will add to the effect of this becoming a harder tour for them, since they will be less experienced with the already tough conditions for them. However, I think the main factor of England becoming a harder tour is that we are an improved team; our team now is always going to be harder to beat at home compared to our team 15 odd years ago in the 90s when we were pretty bad, so for me, England becoming a harder place to tour is factored by a few different things, not just foreign players being less experienced of our conditions.

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    I think the overall standard of English cricket it the main factor, rather than the counties having less foreigners. I'm parochial enough to believe you have copied the Australian development model, but it's not a Copy>Paste, it's a Copy>Paste Special.

    Maybe the Aussies need to start copying from the Poms, but the last time that happened it was Rolf picking up a few tips from Jimmy Savile, so they need to make sure it doesn't backfire.

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    It will be harder but probably not for the reasons you cite. Over tha past 20 years, county teams have rested their star foreign players in games against touring sides. What it now means is that those up and coming players who couldn't get into the first team beacuse of the contracted stars now get the start they want which will only improve English cricket.

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    county cricket is outdated .

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