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YWWE Smackdown pick winners and rate matches and show?

World Heavyweight Champion- Vacant

United States Champion- Vacant

Cruiserweight Champion- Sin Cara

Diva's Champion- Mickie James

WWE Tag Team Champion- Kings Of Wrestling

Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long comes out holding both the World Heavyweight title and the United States title. He says at Clash of the Champions The six competetors in the United States Championship Six Pack Challenge fought to a time limit draw therefore no champion was crowned. He says tonight there will be a United States Championship Match to determine the champion. He goes on to say that he felt James Storm and Drew McIntyre put on the best performances so he has selected them to be in the match. And there MUST be a winner. As for the World Heavyweight Championship, Undertaker and Chris Jericho were the final two men in the chamber. neither could answer a ten count, so at New Years Revolution it will be Undertaker v Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship. Holla Holla Holla

1. Rhyno v Rob Terry

2. Gail Kim v Tamina Snuka

General Manager Theodore Long is in his office doing paperwork when King Booker comes in. Long tells him he didn't hear Booker knock and he doesn't recall saying come in. Booker says that doesn't matter. What does matter though is that Booker should be in that United States Championship match. Long says he already made the match playa. Booker gets a little frustrated and demands title shot. Long thinks for a minute and stands up looking at Booker. He says alright. King Booker can get the first United States title match. If he wins his match tonight and next week. Because tonight he will take on Ted Dibiase, Jr. And the winner of that match will take on the winner of John Morrison and Mr. Kennedy. Now Book needs to go get ready for his match because its next. Holla Holla Holla

3. King Booker v Ted, Dibiase, Jr.

4. John Morrison v Mr. Kennedy

5. "Cowboy" James Storm v Drew McIntyre (United States Championship)

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    Opening Promo: 9/10 HA! Good way to address the ties, nice way to open the show.

    Match 1: 7/10, not a fan of this big man match Rhyno wins

    Match 2: 8/10, Tamina wins in a good Diva's match

    Promo 2: 9/10 HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!

    Match 3: 8/10 DiBiase with the upset

    Match 4: 9/10 Mr Kennedy cheats and wins

    Match 5: 9/10 Drew wins the title


    Match of the Night: John Morrison and Mr Kennedy put on an instant classic

    Trash of the Night: Rhyno vs Rob Terry slop it up

    Promo of the Night: Teddy Long opens the show and addresses the ties

    Show Grades:

    Entertainment Value: 18/20 A

    Wrestling Value: 41/50 B

    Show Value: 59/70 B+

    Closing Comments: Solid B+, overall a good SmackDown. Good way to bounce back from the 2 ties at the Clash of Champions. Good main event, you should have featured Jericho or Taker though.

  • Promo 1-8/10(They don't use ten counts in the chamber, haha....Nice try, though)

    Match 1-winner Rhyno-5/10(I like Rhyno, but Rob Terry's boring)

    Match 2-winner Tamina Snuka-9/10(After reversing Eat Defeat into the Samoan Drop, then a perfectly executed Superfly Splash)

    Promo 2-8/10

    Match 3-winner King Booker-7.5/10

    Match 4-winner Mr. Kennedy-9/10

    Match 5-winner Drew McIntyre-9/10

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    Match # 1. Rhyno vs. Rob Terry 8/10

    Winner: Rhyno

    Match # 2. Gail Kim vs. Tamina Snuka 7/10

    Winner: Tamina Snuka

    Match # 3. Booker T vs. Ted Dibiase 8/10

    Winner: Booker T

    Match # 4. John Morrison vs. Mr. Kennedy 8/10

    Winner: Mr. Kennedy

    Match # 5. United States Championship Match: "Cowboy" James Storm vs. Drew Mcintyre 8/10

    Winner: "Cowboy" James Storm

    Overall Smackdown score: 7.8/10 overall a good Smackdown show

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    King Booker

    John Morrison

    "Cowboy" James Storm

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    Promo a million(10/10) adventure a million-winner Tyson Kidd(9/10) submit adventure(10/10) adventure 2-winner Kaval(9/10) adventure 3-winner King Booker(8/10) submit adventure(10/10) adventure 4-winner Jack Swagger(10/10) adventure 5-winner Batista(10/10) submit adventure(10/10)

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