Does dermatologist treat every kind of skin disease including skin cancer ?

Hey everyone!

I am still thinking which profession I am suppose to choose. I think I'll go with medicine, cuz thats all I can think of & thats all on my mind.

So, I heard dermatologist do not have late night shifts like cardiologists & neurologists do, is that true?

Which other surgeons do not have late night shifts or don't have to work damn hard ?!

And can a dermatologist treat from skin cancer to acne to hair loss to sweat gland prob blah blah... is that all what a dermatologist does OR is it like there is a certain one for all types like one for cancer & another for acne etc. Is it ?

And plzz tell me which is the most interesting field in medicine ?

Thank you. :)


DipFort4.. - Why would I ask if I would get all the required info on wikipedia. I need opinions from experienced people or even who've known these things.

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  • 8 years ago
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    See wikipedia on Dermatology.

  • 8 years ago

    You have to pass the entry exams and have the right connections.

    Consider podiatry, no shifts, nice patients who never die on you.

    Dermatologists do all skins things.....if it is on the skin or in the skin, it's the job.

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