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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureOther - Society & Culture · 7 years ago

No racism intended,Can someone please explain why African statues and Art are throughout Europe?

Here is a video of a gentlemen showing statues in Europe of Africans. He says that they ruled Europe for over 780 years.To those of you who are too naive to believe it. He is not just making this stuff up because if you go to those parts of Europe. You can see them for yourselves. They have clear African features.Once again, these statues are all over Europe and you can see them for yourselves. Please watch the whole video. But, the most interesting ones are at 0:00, 0:36, 0:43, 0:53, and @ 2:50.

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  • Hugh
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    7 years ago
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    To say Africans ruled Europe is a bit of a misnomer. The Moors ruled parts of Spain Southern France and Italy for about 700 years. The Black Africans did so with Arabs and Berbers. This is why the term Moor has so much confusion around it. The root word for Moor means "Black" in Greek(Mauros). Europeans obviously made a distinction between Arabs & Black Africans thus the term Moor. Soon this term began to be applied to all Muslims no matter their skin color. The statues and art you are referring to is part of the proof many of the Moors were Black Africans and they left a vibrant mark on European culture. After the Moors were expelled from Europe many Black Africans still rose to prominence in European politics,arts,business and military. Many Whites denied this because they have been taught that Blacks have only been slaves through out history. Even seeing these statues and artwork some Whites think of other excuses for its being present. The victor writes the history and once Black Africans were enslaved Europeans began justifying it by painting an inferior picture of Black Africans. History is just lucky these pieces of art work and written documents were not destroyed. The fact you must begin this question about a historical fact with "no racism intended" is indicative of how uncomfortable many Whites are with this part of their history.

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  • 7 years ago

    Odd, I've been all aroud Europe (Spain to Russia an everywhere in between) and I tour alot of old archology sites, yet have never once seen anything African oriented in Europe. I suppose you can find such things in the very low Mediterranean regions (Sicily) and maybe Gibralter, and maybe near present day Turkey.

    There is no factual evidence of it anywhere else and een in those areas I listed they may not be existant.

    Excuse any typo's I'm on a phone.

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  • magna
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    4 years ago

    historic Egyptians have been in actuality black. The old kingdom grow to be formed via migrants from the decrease nile from cutting-edge-day sudan and the Egyptian civilization and Nubian Kingdom went hand in hand. Now via the top of the old kingdom, the beginning up of the hot kingdom and the fall of historic egypt interior the hot kingdom, Romans had began invading the rustic. observe that this grow to be thousands of years after the old kingdom which consisted of blacks and via the time Egypt fell, maximum of its inhabitants have been in actuality, afro-Asiatics, and Europeans. Now as for South Africa, I have no difficulty with whites inhabiting Africa, the only difficulty is that for the final 4 hundred years white south africans have ruled south africa under an iron fist and trampled over the 2d type blacks as previous due by way of fact the Nineteen Nineties. Now that issues have circled, the hands have started pointing to the blacks by way of fact the oppressers. So heavily end complaining. as quickly as I went to south africa (i'm Kenyan) i grow to be horrified via the quantity of open racism I observed, I envisioned racism yet i did no longer anticipate it to be that open and widly regularly occurring. The racism I observed as white against black and that i wouldn't in any respect help blacks who have been anti white yet I do have faith that SA desires an pressing reform. Whites and blacks could desire to combine themselves for the extra advantageous good of ways forward for SA. I observed little or no integration and all of us understand that the entire seperate yet equivalent crap does no longer artwork

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