getting my 2 year old to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!?

i would like to point a a number of things before this gets answered with "let him cry in his crib" "try melatonin" "teething tablets" "cry it out" "ignore him"....

we have tried ALL of these things. we have a 3 year old who has been sleeping through the night since he was 10 months old. and we had another baby when he was only 12 1/2 months old and he is now turning two in a month and i can count on 2 hands the number of nights he has slept through the night. for those of you counting that is THREE YEARS of maybe 9 full nights of sleep.

an example of a normal night for us, last night we gave him a bath, brushed his teeth, put on pjs, had a drink, read a book, sang some songs, went upstairs, and lay in bed. i sang one song to him in bed then sat in a chair in the pitch black until he fell asleep. no big deal. this was done by 8pm. then had a little "me" time, shower, show, glass of wine :), then cleaned up the dishes got ready for bed and headed to bed at 10:30. seems like a reasonable hour to go to bed. it usually takes a good 20 min or so to fall asleep, so probably close to 11 i finally went to sleep. at 12:15 he came in our bed, we have given up months ago on getting him to stop sleeping in our bed so i just snuggled up real close to the hubby so he could spread out and not get mad for not having his space, and he just whined. and whined, and whined and whined and whined. for an hour. i could have screamed!!!!!!! finally we took him back to his room. and he screamed. and screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed!!!!! AHHHHH! for an hour. it woke up his brother which was another 15 minutes of convincing him it was ok and to go back to sleep, then i rocked him. got him calmed down, layed him in his bed and patted his back til he layed still then sat in the chair while he fell asleep. (or so i thought) i snuck out of his room after about 30 minutes and went back to bed. not 5 minutes later he was at our door! i was so sick of it i just got up and put him to bed in our KING SIZE BED and slept on the floor!!! at 3:30 in the morning! then got up at 7 because they were up for the day!!!!! for those counting. thats 5 hours of sleep, where there should've been EIGHT!!!!!!! then i put him down for a nap at 11 where he woke up after an hour and cried in my lap for another 40 minutes! waking his brother up early from his nap!

this is EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! i will say, we probably would've let him "cry it out" more, but we moved him to a toddler bed at a really early age. at about 14 months he slept through the night for about a week straight and we had said when he was sleeping through the night we'd have them share a room together and make a play room. so we got rid of the crib and put him in a toddler bed like bubba and moved him in there. and thats when it never happened again. he's slept through the night maybe 10 times since then.

we've tried the leave and check on him every few minutes thing, he just runs in the hall. there's no checking if he doesnt stay put long enough.

we've given him teething tablets and it was a miracle how that worked, he slept through the night for a whole whoppin 3 days. then it stopped for some unknown reason.

we've tried the dont say anything to him in the room at all. it helps him to fall asleep and we still do this, but it doesnt help in the middle of the night.

we've given him melatonin to help him sleep. he wakes up screaming bloody murder more than normal, i'm assuming because of bad dreams.

we've tried the no cry sleep solution book. for 3 months. and he still would wake up in the middle of the night multiple times.

it is extremely exhausting to have a toddler that DOES NOT SLEEP! and he is a TODDLER! so please do not say babies need their mommies to snuggle them. because i did. when he was a BABY! but he's not a baby anymore and it's ridiculous. please do not say i'm not strict enough, we very much believe in spankings. and again, he has a 3 year old brother who's been sleeping through the night since he was 10 months old! i would like any suggestions that pertain to helping him sleep better. i would not like advice on how to be a parent. thanks!!!

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  • 7 years ago

    I only read the first couple of sentences, your post is much too long for anyone to read.

    I have a daughter who will be 4 in June, and a daughter who just turned 6. My 6 year old has been STTN since she was 6 months old. My younger daughter has been sleeping through the night for about 6 weeks.

    All babies are different, so you cannot compare your kids.

    Like you, we too tried everything from CIO (which I do not believe in but tried it out of desperation, she was almost 3 at the time) to co-sleeping. CIO made things much worse. What actually worked for us was cosleeping with her when she woke up. We did that for about a year, on and off, and then she finally stopped waking up in the night. Now, if she wakes up, she will go back to bed on her own. Before, she would literally scream for 3 hours every night, if we let her.

    I don't believe in CIO and in my own experience, it didn't work anyway. We slept with her sporadically until she was about 3 and a half, and now she sleeps in her own bed by herself every night. We didn't force it, ithappened on its own.

  • kristi
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    7 years ago

    My son still gets up twice in a night he's also 2. I make sure he has a glass of water if he gets thirsty. He also fights sleep if he could hed be up 24-7 lol. Does your child still have a day time nap? If so cut it out. If not then I would suggest just putting him to bed later or maybe have some crazy running feat or jumping before bed burns off energy

  • 7 years ago

    I'm sorry to hear how challenging your little one has been. Here's my advice:

    Make sure he gets to move a lot and spend s lot of energy during the day. That way he might sleep better. I had troubles sleeping my all life starting in infancy, and I now know that if I exercice during the day, I'll be able to sleep. I just have a lot of energy to spend.

    Also, make sure your boy's diet is balanced, healthy and filling, so that his body isn't waking him up asking for calories of nutrients

    One more thing: there's a book called something like happy baby Healthy sleep habits where you could get some good advice.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    getting my 2 year old to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!?

    i would like to point a a number of things before this gets answered with "let him cry in his crib" "try melatonin" "teething tablets" "cry it out" "ignore him"....

    we have tried ALL of these things. we have a 3 year old who has been sleeping...

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  • 7 years ago

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