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I Obama increased the Debt,and Federal Spending?

Doesn't that mean he increased the deficit? How could he have increased the Debt and Federal Spending while also shortening the deficit?

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    the recession increased the deficit

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    Well say, for example (and I don't actually know the correct figures - this is just an example):

    start of 2011 - debt = $15T

    2011 - deficit = $1T

    start of 2012 - debt = $16T (15+1)

    2012 - deficit = $0.5T

    start of 2013 - debt = $16.5T (16+0.5)

    See - the deficit went down by $0.5T, but it still existed, so the debt went up.

    The deficit is the yearly overspend, while the debt is the total overspend.

    The deficit can be cut in half, but if there's any at all - the debt will still go up.

    For the debt to go down you need the deficit to turn into a surplus.

    If you can do that every year for a generation you could probably get rid of the debt.

    But you'd have to ask yourself some basic questions about debt, money, society and the role of government before you committed to that.

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    debt is cumulative the deficit is yearly.

    so it'd be like if you had a net worth of -10k and a yearly earnings of -3k then next year you got your yearly earnings to -1.5k. You would have decreased the rate at which you're losing money per year while continuing to lower your net worth every year.

    Federal spending is how much money we spend on stuff. That can go up while the deficit gets smaller as long as we're bringing in more money in taxes each year. So by the same analogy as before you're losing 3k per year before you have a job. Then one day somebody agrees to pay you 10k per year. You'd be +7k for the year if you didn't spend any more but even if you decided to spend double you'd still be +4k per year since you increased revenues by having a job.

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    Obama increased the debt because anything over what we actually have to spend it deficit

    But since he cut spending..he's lowered the deficit every year from the all time high Bush left.

    its truly amazing that a statistic so easily looked up, can confuse republicans so much


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Deficits and the debt are effected by changes in revenue as well as changes in outlays.

    Public Administration 101.

    Actually, no. It's just common sense.

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    7 years ago

    It is actually Congress, not the President, that authorizes spending. And yes, Obama and the democrats in Congress have massively increased both the deficit and the debt.

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    7 years ago

    You aren't going to lower the debt by adding to it, why is this a hard concept to understand?

    You don't feed a starving family by taking their bread away.

  • RockIt
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    7 years ago

    He increased all of them.

    He has nothing to show for it but a VERY HIGH Misery Index.

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    Obama cant spend. Congress is protecting the money like its their virgin daughter. Well something close like that.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    anything to make him seem like he's NOT a complete disaster, right?

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