Support local farms and organic farms?

how would you create a viable alliance of people to support local farmers

-What current organizations would try to link into?

-What way would you link local farmers to end users that would not only benefit the farmers but the broader community.

-thinking about those who have a lack of access to the type or products that local farmers product, as that would be considered an untapped market. How would you work to create access to those markets and allow those markets to afford the products?

and some other general info on your local farms and organic farming

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    Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes are known for having organic produce and buy locally. They are not perfect and not everything is organic. But they often support local farmers who grow organically.

    I recommend this website to learn about organic farming:

    If you do not have a store that has organic produce near you, go to your local farms and buy direct. or look into a farmer's market. If there is not one, try to get one going.

    Teach people why organic is better and build support.

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