Gift ideas for Study Abroad homestay family?

I am studying abroad in Spain this summer and will be staying with a family there. I am supposed to bring a small American gift for them to thank them for letting me stay with them, and for them to remember me by. I have no idea what to bring! Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • 7 years ago
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    When you say small gift I think:

    1)maybe a nice snowglobe of the city you are from.(be careful as this might break)

    2) refrigerator magnets of your home town or maybe if you know what city is your homestay family's favorite. I am Non American and for my folks back home anything Hollywood is considered very grand. As a child I was crazy about postcards my bro sent from OK.

    3) you didn't mention which place you are in. If you live in any major city, get some wall hanging pertaining to the city. We got a very inexpensive tapestry hanging with all the major tourist spots of san francisco. I LOVE IT.

    4) If you know they have kids you can get chocolates like Reese. Everyone enjoys chocolate.

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    Gifts For Study Abroad

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    Living with a homestay family is like living with your own family or that of one of your friends. Each family has its own house rules and expectations. Some will let you come and go at will, others will ask you to please let them know, or will be disappointed if you don't make it home for dinner. As for having friends stay over, some can accommodate that and others cannot. Just like being at home, the key is to ask if it is okay to do .... If you just assume things will be acceptable, they will probably get upset. How would your parents like it if they came home and found strange people staying over in their house without warning? Realize that you are a guest in these people's home. It can be a wonderful experience, but you need to behave responsibly and respect their house rules.

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    Think in terms of mementos or keepsakes about your hometown - something that speaks of your hometown's history, etc. E.g. go to your local historical society for a book about the town's history (with photo illustrations is particularly nice). Or a book about someone/something your town is famous for. Photo of your family taken in front of your house in a really nice frame (pack very carefully!).

    What's your town famous for? E.g. if you're from Vermont, bring a bottle of maple syrup, or Vermont Teddy Bear Company bear, or. . .

    Got someone about your age in the family? Also bring something from your school - a sweatshirt or hoodie with your school logo/sports team, or a school sports team pennant, or baseball cap.

    Local realtors often have small local maps with little ads from local biz, photos of local landmarks. Pick up a freebie, too, so you can show your host family "the lay of the land," where your house sits, the local school, pics of a few landmarks, etc. Give them a "feel" for what your hometown looks like, layout. Reference the map when you talk about places at home.

    Pick out something nice, not big (book size-weight is good!), something they will want to keep & display in their home for years to come. Often it's something "ordinary" to you, because it's there every day, that's "foreign" yet meaningful to them.

    Chocolate is not a keepsake, melts all over everything, and famous brands are sold everywhere around the world. Unless you live in Hershey, PA, for example, and bring a Hershey bar - LOL! Along with a nice book about Hershey & the theme park!

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  • drip
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    One gift for the whole family or a gift for each member?

    Maybe a frame with the US flag on it. You can put a photo of you and your host family in it before you leave.

    I have already seen Memorial Day stuff out. You should be able to find something with an US flag on it.

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    7 years ago

    Bring something that they don't have in Spain. They do not have pecans in Spain so bring them a can of pecans or some fancy candy with pecans in it. You could just get a Nuts and Chocolate Gift Basket from Bisket Baskets, these are delicious and very impressive!

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