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Kat asked in HealthDental · 7 years ago

How to clean a clear retainer?

I have a clear retainer. The orthodontist says not to use toothpaste, just brush it with a toothbrush and use a bleach solution once a month. But the retainer stinks after days, and I brush the retainer 4+ times per day and use a new toothbrush, that I soak in Listerine before scrubbing, on it once a week. I also never put it in the gross and dark retainer case.

Is it OK/safe to basically ignore these instructions? The disgusting retainer is making my teeth yellow and stain, so I'm not wearing it as often as I should. Like, can I use bleach every week, soak it in non-alcoholic mouthwash everyday (or Listerine), use denture cleansers, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and brush with toothpaste? I have a clear plastic retainer, I don't care about cloudiness or coloring, only if the plastic might get weak b/c of all the chemicals.

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    You should not brush your retainer, especially if it is a clear plastic retainer.

    You need to clean your retainer every single night to avoid plaque buildup and bacteria which will make it smell bad. Do not use denture cleaner on your retainer. It will turn your retainer yellow if you do it all the time. Brushing your retainer will put microscopic scratches in it, which will harbor more bacteria. The best product to use is a retainer cleaner meant for this purpose, such as Retainer Brite, SonicBrite, DentaSoak, or Cleanse Freshen Go. These products all kill the germs that make your retainer smell, and they also prevent white plaque buildup. You can find them online at stores like

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  • 4 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Should you could clean them every day with denture cleaner, it will work fine. Additionally, brushing them with a tooth brush helps get some thing off of them that the denture cleaner doesn't.

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