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Why did my canary bird die?

He seemed all healthy when I'd gotten him. A month ago, he got sneezy, he stopped sneezing after then...and for the past week it got really fluffy and all it did is eat or sleep. Today this morning he was surely dying. He was laying on the bottom of the cage with legs bent inward like death position, but sill barely giving out his last breaths. So, I took it out and threw it near the garbage (incase there'd be a hungry cat). So, my question is why do you think he'd died quickly like that for? Could it had been his abge? He did look the way this tragic event happend today while his female mate is incubating four eggs with him. Two weeks ago they had an unsuccessful attempt of four unfertilised eggs. I dunno yet about this clutch, it is fresh...


I'd rather hasten its death (by a cat) than see it struggling. I surely fed them broccoli and green apples daily, somewhere there bananas and boiled eggs. I offer maximum diet other than the lack of exposure to the sun, which deficits his ability to maintain proper vitamin D and calcium C within.

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    The least you could have done was to just hold him or keep him in a comfortable place with a blanket under him if you weren't *able to get help from a vet at the time. Throwing him out while he was on his way out is very cruel.

    As for why he died, there could be many reasons. I had a parakeet like this less than a year ago and he kept eating and not moving around as much and when I realized something was wrong it was just too late (plus it was night time and he passed on during the night). It could be because he was malnourished or some heart condition, but it's too late to determine that. Next time this happens, I ask kindly to not just throw them away when they're barely alive. Keep them comfortable until they take their last breathe.

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    Why would you care about why the canary died if you just threw it out when it was alive. You could have at least give it a funeral (if you cared about it) or you could have just buried it. You really don't deserve another clutch of canary eggs. Throwing a dying bird next to the garbage and hoping a cat will find them is just CRUELLL!!!!!!

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    What you did was SO CRUEL!!!!

    Just imagine if you were thrown away WHILE YOU WHERE DYING!!!

    Your bird probably died from seeing how cruel you are.

    (unproper care)

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    he was tired of ur sh*t

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