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Do Americans know what JST means?

I know PST is Pacific Standard Time in the United States.

When I add a comment in my answer and/or question in this site, I use a phrase like the following;

“Additional comment at 10:30 am Apr. 19th, 2013 (JST);”

Do Americans know what JST means?

Or do I have to write “Japanese Standard Time”

Thank you.

(I am a Japanese. Please ignore my grammatical and spelling mistakes, if any.)

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    Hi from the East/Atlantic Coast of America. You already have an answer with the perspective from the Middle. :)

    In the East, I don't think most people would have any idea what JST or Japanese Standard Times are, outside of business and financial sectors, and those who are really interested in Japan.

    A few more of us are tuned in to GMT = Greenwich Mean Time. When we sign up for new social websites ro set up new devices we are often show our time zone as Eastern Time (GMT -5 hours) or Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours.)

    So if you put JST I suggest you put (GMT+9) after it.

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    This American would have had no clue what JST stands for. Hello from Ohio :)

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