HELP in EV Training!?

So I was EV training my electrike and I am planning to do this EV Distribution (252 in SpA, 252 in Spe, and 4 in Hp) so I gave her 10 calcium, and 10 carbos to her, so it should lower it her spe and spa both to 152. I did the rest and counted when i was fighting basculin and litwicks(I know how much they gave me in evs). I called Bianca and she told me "Your seems it can work a little harder. But I think it worked hard its speed and sp. attack!" What did I do wrong?( I also had to switch my pokemon out since their was times she couldn't beat those two pokemon, but she still receives experience)

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  • 7 years ago
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    You didn't do anything wrong. Bianca will comment if you got 252 for a certain stat. Pokemon are allowed a max of 510 EVs total. So assuming you counted right, you just need to kill one more Audino to have all 510 points (because your current distribution is only 508).

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