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Go to IG ,Chaplain, or nothing?

Long story, keeping it brief. I am an army Fister. Deployed, been on the line with a squared away Infantry platoon. Learned how good unit gets things done. Now back to Brigade dureing reset phase so I'm back with battalion. Long story it's torture. Everyone e-6 and below is terrized by an e-7 and LT in Caption spot who runs the show. Guys that have gotten blown up and being med boarded are being screwed with. If this guy doesn't like you, which I'm one of those guys, he gets people with frivolous councils and is making cases to admin reduct rank. He is making a case on everyone, just to have something over them. There are million problems, I'm against complaining ,but I believe he's about to send in paperwork to reduced my rank, and I believe he'll win. He has told us that how army works he can beat us up and get me arrested, on assaulting him because He outranks me ,nobody's gonna believe joe. Long story short I have 5 joes who will make complaint and e-5s that will tell the truth about events. Anyone been in the army what's my best bet. Can a chaplain do anything? I'm told not go to CO because if I lose, retaliation will be worse. What's my best course of action.


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Update 2:

Pretty much everyday we have a threat, all he has to do is send a 4187, while smiling. I feel everything is just threats to get people do more and keep taking it. I was just thinking if I had an entire section complain at one time, and list the 100s of illegal things he's done, then It would get notice ,and maybe believed. In the end its his word against mine, but if I have 8 people would it make a difference.

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    The IG will go straight to the LT / E7 and ask their side of the story. The IG is more likely to believe them than they are to believe you. A Chaplain can't do jack squat, except maybe listen to your sad story, which might make you feel a little better but won't help you.

    Rank doesn't get "administratively reduced" unless you accept an Article 15 without demanding a court martial. If they try to give you an Article 15, you'll get legal counseling, and the army lawyer WILL help you if you're being wrongfully railroaded. Your best bet is to try to survive your current situation until you transfer elsewhere, or the LT / E7 transfer elsewhere.

    Thanks for your service, especially your wartime service.

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    Ask the SFC to recite the nco creed. I would bring it up to the commander. If he wont do nothing tell IG i think i remember the army doing a toxic leadership investigation department.

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    Troll...and an illiterate troll, to boot!

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