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Is it a fair statement to say Peyton Manning's defense and running game won his only super bowl?

I know what your thinking, you think that Peyton Manning is a Top 3 QB of all time and nothing is ever bad about him. Oh he's not a system QB the colts won 11 games last year because it was a fluke haha sure they did they won 11 games with a worse roster then what peyton manning has had over the years. But back to the question.

During the postseason of Peyton Manning's super bowl year in 4 games he threw for an embarrassing 3 touchdowns and 7 INT's. He won the MVP despite him throwing for only 1 touchdown and 1 INT with only 200 passing yards. He had 2 running backs who ran for a combined 200 yards that game. Dominic Rhodes should have been the MVP with 21 carries for 123 yards and a touchdown but they gave it to Peyton to further make his legacy grow. Big Ben had almost the same identical stats in his second super bowl but no he didn't get the MVP why? Because the media loves Peyton Manning because even though he complains to the refs yells at his teammates and throws interceptions more then any man I know they still love him. During the super bowl the colts had 2 interceptions and caused 3 fumbles that's 5 turnovers and Addai had 10 receptions, impressive. It looks to me that the colts won in spite of Peyton Manning. If you put in Trent Dilfer he could of won that game for you and that's how Peyton played in his super bowl Trent Dilfer like.

Do you agree? 3 touchdowns and 7 Interceptions does not lie. There's a reason why people call him the worst playoff QB of all time. He's 9-11 in the postseason and hasn't won a playoff game in 4 seasons. #Overrated


@Chalise Yes LOL you do need so say more because your not convincing me Chalise at all :) During that great Baltimore game you said he had? He threw for 0 touchdowns and 2 INT's. I admit he picked himself up after he was choking the game away to the pats but the refs were on his side that game. Again also he had 2 hall of fame receivers and Brady had 6 dropped passes that game 2 could have been touchdowns by reche caldwell. It's funny ever since Adam Vinetari left Peyton Manning he hasn't won a super bowl either interesting :P Brady started off 10-0 That's never been done before so it's good enough for me Peyton started off 0-4 and is ending 0-3 and 7-7 is still better then 9-11. Brady made it to the superbowl with the 31st ranked defense and 2 midgets starting at receiver no disrespect to you hahaha but they are short. If Gronk actually ran full speed the last play he would of gotten their on time and won the game but he was lazy and injured. He had the top rated o

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He had the top rated offense because Brady made those plays happen. Receivers can't throw the ball to themselves you know. Ryan Mallet last year had 25% completion with 0 touchdowns and 1 Interception. Not just anyone can play in the system you know. A QB is the main ingredient for having a #1 offense Peyton couldn't do it last year because he's just not as talented as Brady he's still a Top 15 QB in the league he's just not as good as Brady ;) I'm sorry the truth hurts XD

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At least those Tim Tebow led Bronco's could win a playoff game :) Hahaha and it's harder then it looks to play with those short receivers. The Ravens also were playing a revenge game and Bernard Pollard gave ridley a cheap shot which should of made it our ball but no. Things were just not going our way. Lloyd was running wrong routes which led to an interception. Brady's O-Line was not protecting which led to batted balls. It was ridiculous. The Bronco's got 14 points off special team if the Pats had Trindon Holliday maybe they would of won oh yeah we probably would of :) Brady's 6 touchdowns and 2 INT's in his superbowls is still better then Peyton's 1 touchdown and 1 INT. Brady may of played alex smith like. But Peyton played Jay Cutler like. Maybe one day you'll be a fan of the best QB of all time. Please do :)

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LOL and btw Chalise I know Reggie is your other account XD just like summer it's okay though you needed to get that off your chest :)

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Yes LOL he is the GOAT but there has been no QB ever to win a championship with his 2 starting receivers being under 5 foot 11. Proof right there even Brady couldn't do it he was about to but wes welker can't make clutch plays. Amendola can though.

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@Devilish First off you have no clue what your talking about at all. The colts didn't have the last ranked defense that year they were 23rd. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/clt/20... Brady got a team to the super bowl with a ranked 31st defense, and that so called horrible defense you said they had caused 5 turnovers! Wow Peyton didn't do crap. Peyton Manning didn't beat Brady, Reche Caldwell beat Brady who had 6 dropped passes, 2 were gonna be touchdowns so Brady would have won the game if Brady had actual receivers instead of Jabar Gafney and hm while Peyton had 2 hall of fame receivers and Dallas Clark LOL who has the advantage there? The reason Peyton Manning had those stats is because Peyton is just not a good QB when it comes to the postseason it's not that hard to realize he just is not good. He made bad reads. When you have 2 hall of fame receivers as your starter you can't blame them it's on him. Also Vick Ballard really? he averaged 3.9

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yards a carry?!? You had Marshuall Faulk and Edgerian James in his prime stop making stuff up. Luck Had a QB rating of 75. He won games because of Reggie Wayne and your right the roster is a lot different it's worse then the ones Peyton Manning has had over the years so shouldn't they be winning less games? Nope they went 11-5 after throwing the 2011 season while in 2010 Peyton only went 10-6. Talk about embarrassing. Exactly Tebow does suck so how come Peyton couldn't win a playoff game this year? I thought he was the best QB ever but nah he choked again. Brady has a better regular season and postseason QB rating then him. The reason Brady hasn't beat a Manning in the playoffs in 8 years is because Peyton can never make it far enough LOL he has 8 one and done's he's a joke. Brady is what now 9-4 against Peyton? Not too surprising. In 2009 that was with Matt Cassel not Brady. Sure Brady taught him everything he knew. Brady was spending hours end to teach him how

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to be a great QB and it worked but Brady can only do so much. Cassel went 10-5 as a starter but didn't make the playoffs. Luck went 11-5 as a starter cough cough it's a system. Your an idiot in 2009 Peyton had Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon his starters since day one. They were talks anthony gonzalez was gonna get beat out by Garcon anyway. But now there's no excuses Peyton has 2 hall of fame receivers again, if he can't win the super bowl this year then he's just a bad QB plain and simple. And the patriots would of loved to drafted Harrsion or wayne but they couldn't their defense was so bad they needed to keep on adding pieces and Brady gave them the okay because he cares about winning more then stats and money. Like how he restructured his contract this year. Why didn't Peyton do that? He was the reason they lost the game to the Ravens? Hmmm some class. Also Addai had a better career then Maroney he had two 1,000 yard rushing season but we picked the wron

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guy it happens that shows that your coaches are just better then ours another thing Brady has to deal with. Remember Bellichick was a horrible coach before he got Brady. Had 3 losing seasons with the browns then went to the pats with bledsoe they went 5-11 Then the next season after bledsoe started off 0-2 Brady went 11-3 to win the division and the super bowl I think it's safe to say Brady made him. That's Espn LOL ever see The top NFL players in the game today. In 2011 Brady was higher then Manning in 2012 Brady was higher then Manning the players know these things more then the analysts. Your a joke as fan. Brady has a better record in the regular season and postseason as Manning a better QB rating in the regular season and postseason then Manning. Peyton hasn't even thrown for 5,000 yards in a season? or thrown 50 touchdowns? But he does have the leauge record for playoff losses 11 and Brady has the leauge record for playoff wins as a QB 17. Hey Peyton is catching up oh

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    LMFAOOOzo!!! When I come back you get started :)

    Lets be clear. Peyton didn't perform at his best in his Super Bowl season but he came back from a 18 point deficit to even get there against a team who gave him problems. He also had to go on the road to Baltimore during their prime to beat them. To the idiot who said "he won because he played Rex Grossman" last time I checked he played a Bears D who was one of the best in the NFL that year. Ahh look at you calling out his playoff record but if you watched his playoff games you know that majority of those weren't his fault. If anything this question needs to be applied to your favorite Qb Tom Brady. Without a top 10 D and the clutches kicker in NFL history mr Adam V, Tommy hasn't won. Ring in nearly a decade. His numbers in the postseason weren't so stellar either when he won those rings either. Tommy is 7-7 since he has no D and when he makes it to the big games where he has been 0-2 he only managed to put up 14 and 17 points... Despite having the top rated offense and averaging 30 or more points per game. Need I say more?

    DK: Prior to beating the TIM TEBOW led Broncos in the postseason Brady was 0-3 in the postseason since 18-choke . Brady played piss poor against the Ravens in 2011 and was bailed out because of Billy Cundiff. Last season Brady only scored a TD and Stephen Gowkoski kicked two fieldgoals that's 13 points! Brady didn't even score not one point in the end half vs the Ravens... Stop! You're talking Bout Brady starting off 10-0 but if you saw his numbers when he won his Super Bowls stastically he was Alex Smith like. Since he's now a "elite" Qb he hasn't won a Super Bowl! I wonder why? Because he doesn't have a good D that won him championships. That all comes to that Super Bowls are won as a team and not by an individual . The Pats are all offense FACE IT :)

    DK: excuses excuses LOL!! Brady is suppose To be the GOAT right? So it shouldn't matter how short or talk his receivers are he can make it work because he is Tom Brady according to you. That was not a cheap shot from Pollard it was Ridley's fault because he lowered his head. Say all you want Manning still put the Broncks in the position to win the game in regulation!. Peyton does not play saftey

    DK : I don't have another account I don't do that trolling Shiit it's childish this is my only account

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    Are you seriously kidding me???!!!!

    Peyton won that Super Bowl with the LOWEST RANKED DEFENSE to EVER win a Super Bowl (32nd). Not to mention he beat Brady and the Patriots on the way to the Super Bowl.

    As far as the interceptions, the reason for that is because Peyton's defense was so bad that he had to make a drive for a score nearly every time he was on offense. If he didn't, they'd likely lose because the defense couldn't hold. The defense almost always allowed at least a field goal. So Peyton nearly every drive had to go for a TD or at minimum a field goal.

    And many times those interceptions come because so much is on the shoulders of that quarterback that he has to nearly single-handedly lead the team back like Brady was trying to against the Ravens. So they have to hurry up the offense. Pass faster than they should. Then that results in making a mistake and an interception around the end of the half or end of the game. And that's exactly when Peyton's and Brady's interceptions happened against them.

    And the Colts running game was pathetic. Addai always tended to run right into a defensive pile and couldn't figure out to go around or find the hole in the pile. Rhodes was a descent backup, but no great running back.

    The reason why the Colts had to run the ball was because teams were playing their defenses pretty much to solely defend the pass. When they do that, you have to take what they give you. So the Colts had to run it. It wasnt' that Addai or Rhodes were great.

    Peyton is far from a system quarterback, if anything he creates the system not the system creating him. The new Colts team is completely different than what Peyton had. They are focusing a lot more on defense and special teams than they ever did during Peyton's tenure. Nearly all of their free agents picked up this year were defensive players. And Ballard although just a 5th round pick is nearly better than any of the running backs that Polian ever picked up. And last year the Colts finally focused on their secondary, something Polian NEVER did. And don't forget that Luck was also considered the best quarterback to hit the draft in possibly 25 years or at least since Peyton.

    Peyton basically at the top of the NFL in stats last year even with his injury hampering him. Tebow had the worst completion rate in the entire NFL, even worse than Curtis Painter. Not to mention he could barely win against the worst teams in the NFL. And it wasn't like the Steelers were very good at all last year. Tebow lost by the worst margin in a playoff game ever to the Patriots. That shows you how much he sucked.

    What about Brady? He has a far worse record. It's been a few years longer for him than for Peyton at winning a Super Bowl. Not to mention he lost to Peyton and to Eli twice in the playoffs. Seems like he has trouble beating any Manning in the playoffs. In fact, I don't think he has beaten a Manning in the playoffs in at least about a decade. Brady is off and on in his consistency.

    Peyton is a better quarterback than Brady. There's no way Brady could have accomplished what Peyton did in 2009. Lost his head coach and offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. There went the system. He lost both his #1 and #2 receivers. So the wide receivers he was left with were Reggie, a 6th round draft pick from the year before with 3 catches that dropped almost everything, and a 4th round rookie. The rest were receivers that hadn't even been drafted. And don't forget that the Saints which the Colts lost to in the Super Bowl that year royally whipped the Patriots in Foxboro that year.

    Also don't forget, that basically EVERY one of Peyton's receivers were drafted AFTER Brady's receivers because the Patriots always had a higher draft spot, even after they lost the first time in the Super Bowl to Eli. Even Brady's running back was picked higher than Peyton's. When the Colts got Addai that year, the Patriots tried to steal the RB Polian had hinted he was interested in after letting Edgerrin James go.

    Seems like Patriots fans will say anything to cling to the hope that Brady is better, especially when ESPN recently picked Peyton as one of the 2 best quarterbacks of all time, going against Montana and having beaten out Brady. And now since Peyton has Welker, I'm sure they've got to be a little scared that one of their best all-time weapons is gone and Peyton has him.

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    I agree that Peyton had a bad postseason that year. But it was still good enough wasn't it? Of course he should not have been MVP, Rhodes was the clear choice as I think Jacoby Jones of the Ravens with a kickoff return and catch for TD's should have been this past SB even though Flacco had a hell of a game. Manning had an awesome regular season that year and the Colts finally got over the Patriot/Brady hump in the road to win the SB.

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    I will be honest DK. Peyton does not have a good playoff record. But that one Super Bowl they won is because of him. Their running game was good that year because every defense was so scared of Peyton throwing the ball they just allowed the Colts to run at will. They did have a very good defense that year too. But so did Brady in all 3 of his Super Bowls. Theres no way the Colts would have won without him. I hate to say it, but its true.

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    As fair as it is to say that only defense, field goals and cheating won Brady's three Super Bowls. Without those three components, he lost the next two after all.

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    No. Rex Grossman gave that Super Bowl to Peyton.

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    no i dont think so

  • no I don't think so.

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