What is a synthatic population?

Please explain briefly

It is my presentation topic in plant breeding and genetics,

Plz help me and give me some data about this topic

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    In plant breeding a synthetic population is 'assembled' by selectively breeding from a range of parental strains, breeds, or wild populations each known to have desired versions of their traits. By repeatedly crossing the different parental sources their individual trait versions are brought together in one synthetically bred population.

    Pluots are a cross between a plum and an apricot but it was not just one random cross it is a complex repeat interbreeding of hybrids and parental species (an introgression) resulting in about 3⁄4 plum and 1⁄4 apricot genes. The result has assembled the specific alleles of these genes in this relative ratio to achieve a synthetic plant.

    These are bred by Zaiger's Genetics.


    The idea is to produce a less inbred population with more heterozygosity for overall vigor against disease or pests yet also breed true for the particular traits of interest as a crop.


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    i think the link will help you a lot.


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