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jen asked in Science & MathematicsZoology · 8 years ago

what kind of job would you get to do what david attenborough does like working with all those animals?

i.e working with animals in the wild from marine life to animals that live in africa etc and also the envrionment

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sir David Attenborough is a wildlife presenter. Although he has a background in zoology, he never formally worked as a zoologist to my knowledge. i.e.. researching species and publishing scientific papers on his findings. This is not to diminish his achievements, he is definitely one of the most inspirational naturalists I can think of.

    You should be aware that his career is exceptional and primarily due to his dedication to raising awareness for our planet, it is by no means a typical career. There is no set path to get into wildlife presenting but nowadays you will not get anywhere without a degree. You could look into Wildlife Film making ( or just go for something more general such as communications and media while doing some zoology internships and volunteering to get your wildlife credentials. Alternatively you could try to do an undergraduate in zoology and do internships with film and media people. Have a read of this:

    Bear in mind that when David Attenborough started out, things were very different, it is a lot harder to get started in this sort of field now as there are hundreds if not thousands of people who want to do it now.

    It's not all as glamourous as it looks either but requires long, hard days in the field and close interaction with animals are discouraged nowadays and there is a lot of legal stuff to deal with as well in order to get permission to film, approach within a certain distance to animals etc etc.

    You might be interested in reading David Attenborough autobiography:

    Contrary to what the previous poster said, a typical zoology career is not necessarily the way to go as an alternative; there are definitely NOT many jobs available and most will NOT involve close interactions with animals!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Well if you want to work form home you can be a dog groomer while you meet the families of pets you groom you can also build a small boarding business on the side. Once ppl know you in your neighbourhood as an awesome pet lover you can pick up some dog walking too. So the dog grooming really opens up many avenues, you can work from home or along side a pet store or vets office. If you are not into the grooming aspect you may consider calling your local zoo and seeing what sorts of jobs there intrigue you and then go from there. Working at a pet store doesnt pay well and you often work with sick animals depending on which petstore. Being a stable boy/girl doesnt pay well either but you can learn alot of the ins and outs if its large animals you want to work with. Hope this is helpful.

  • 8 years ago

    David Attenborough was a zoologist by career until he became a natural history presenter but all versions of naturalism involve working with animals personally I would recommend studying a school of zoology perhaps Herpetology (Study of reptiles and amphibians) and many jobs will be available to you mainly research and conservation which involve close interaction with animals. Good Luck.

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