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Is it possible that I may be pregnant?

First off let me start with I will not tolerate people judging me or bitching at me. I am mearly seeking advice and opinions not straight forward answers.

I am 28 years old I have a seven year old daughter and a three month old daughter. Well here is my issue both of my girls were conceived while using birth control, properly. Well I gave birth 1/22/13 I hemeraged about four hours after delivering and was rushed to the OR. I left the hospital a day later but before I left I was given the depo shot. Well unfortunately I am not one to listen so my husband, who is a nimpho, and I have sex less than a month later. Last month the doctor switched me to the pill because I was supposed to get my tubes tied but I lost my health insurance. Well I didn't want my period so I intentionally skipped the last week of pills and went right into the next pack. Therefore I didn't get a period.

Now for the good stuff......

For a few weeks now I have been getting queezy at the same times every day. My appitie has gone down again, I'm constipated (mind you I have no gullbladder), my nose is running away all the time, sometimes I smell food and want to vomit. Two days ago I had random spotting that was darker than normal spotting and it only came for three days but was defffuently not a period. It was random spotting that through three days occurred once or twice each day. Mostly only one time I would notice it after urinating.

Now something you should know....

My husband and I have more sex than most couples. We go about two to three times a day depending on the day. I do not know if this would edfect the birth control or not.

Like I said before I do not have insurance so going to my doctor right now is out. I am seeking advice and opinions. To please why do you think? Could I very we'll be pregnant again??

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    Of coarse, you could be pregnant. But, I seriously doubt you are.

    My son is 12 months old. When he was three months old, I thought I was pregnant. I had no appetite, my breasts were tender, I couldn't kick a cold, and I had spotting but no real period. I did some research online. For some reason, I discovered that many many women suspect they are pregnant 3 or 4 months after they deliver. My baby is my third child and this was new to me. I suspect these symptoms may be due to hormones regulating back to their pre-pregnancy state.

    Also, I have had strange symptoms when I skipped the last week of pills before too. I can remember being nauseous, bloated, and light headed from skipping pills. This will mess with your hormones.

    My advice is to take a pregnancy test. I suspect it will come back negative. If it does, keep taking your pills and don't skip them this time just to see if it relieves the symptoms. If you are still unsure after getting a negative result, take a test again in a week. You certainly want to get off the pills as soon as possible if you are pregnant. But, the tests are pretty accurate.

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    Anything is possible, it may be your body adjusting from the depo shot to the pills. Give it a little more time and see what happens and take a pregnancy test as well to see what it says.

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    Aww x I think that's cute x why don't you try getting that thing I think it's called 'clear blue' that will help a lot x Good Luck :)

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    Use pregnancy test at home.. be clear...

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