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Anyone with dental insurance through the military get a root canal...?

What did you on average pay?

I know each procedure will have is own varying issues that cause the cost of the copay to rise or fall. I am just seeking a general answer of cost from many different people out of curiosity.


Yes, we have met life. I found out today I need a root canal very soon and am waiting for the specialist I was recommend to see to contact me back. He will know how much, I am just getting a general idea of how much others paid to set aside money for my copay.

Update 2:

Candy G, I live in Virginia beach. What dentist do you recommend? My dentist recommended Dr. Jeffrey Bailey or Dr. Gregory Engel.

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    call around...out of interest are you in the Va area....as there is a great dentist that takes that insurance and IS well known to the military that tends to only charge what they pay him with NO co pay from you if your husband is active duty.............

  • NWIP
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    7 years ago

    United Concordia/MetLife for dependents? Then it will really vary depending on how much work has to be done could be as little as $100 to over $600 or maybe even more.

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