Can i Apply for Citizenship in Uk if i live in uk 5 years?

i came to uk in may/2008 as student visa. after that i married with my gf who is British. In 06/2013 i will apply for ILR.

So my question is . If i have ILR in 06/2013, can i apply for citizenship in 07/2013?

i have been in uk 5 years sin 05/2008.

Thanks for your Answes.

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  • Maggie
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    8 years ago
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    You can apply for citizenship as soon as you have been legally resident in the UK for three years. A spouse of a British citizen does not need to wait for a full year holding ILR.

    Time spent on a student visa does not count towards settlement, but it does count towards the residency requirement for citizenship. A long as you meet the other requirements you are eligible to apply in May 2013 as you will have met the three year requirement.

    Note that this has now increased to five years for those who applied for a spouse visa after 15 July 2012.

    The only restrictions on the residential period for citizenship is time spent exempt from immigration control for instance serving as diplomatic staff or if you were in prison.

  • 8 years ago

    IF you get ILR status, then the residency clock starts ticking. Student visas are temporary NON-immigration visas, and not a single day of the time you spend in UK on a student (or any temporary visa) counts toward residency requirements to qualify to apply for citizenship.

    IF you were issued ILR in June 2013, then you might be eligible to apply for naturalization after June 2018 - provided you remain married, living together in UK, etc. There are, of course, additional requirements to apply for citizenship besides the legal residency in the country.

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