Travel from Belfort to Rome?

So on June 1st I'll be competing at the ITU World Long Course Triathlon Championship in Belfort France. Afterwards I want to travel to Rome. Is that possible from Belfort by train? I'm also wondering is there a way to mail my bike home? because I dont want to lug it around with me to rome and places that I go. Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    You can take the train, but you'll have to change trains at least twice and up to 6 times depending on the particular option you select. The German train site is good for finding train connections throughout most of Europe:

    The best option is probably Belfort to Mulhouse Ville to Dijon Ville where you can catch the night train to Rome at 9:51 pm arriving in Rome at 10:12 am the next morning. The total travel time is a little over 15 hours, but a lot of that is time you can spend sleeping on the night train.

    These sites are also useful for train travel:

    French trains:

    Italian trains:

    There are companies that will ship your bicycle to the US. Hopefully, someone else will be able to point you to something specific in Belfort. DHL and similar companies were available where I lived.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes, you can go from Belfort to Rome by train. Travel time according to the Deutsche Bahn website is about 10...16 hours, with 2..6 changes of train inbetween. Unless you finish early (whatever...) - there's a regional train leaving Belfort on Saturday 16:56, arriving at Dijon at 19:47, from where you can take the EN (European Night train) leaving at 21:22, arriving at Roma Termini on Sunday at 10:12.

    Mailing your bike home - well, any major courier service will deliver pretty much anything anywhere, for a price, but it would help tremendously if it was packed in a sturdy box and somone actually knew where 'home' would be for you.

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