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Any device can increase bike mileage and power?

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    There are such device but for cars and saw it in a British automobile program 'Fifth gear'. But they only work because the engines are MPFI. People in India made MPFI engine in bike a failure due to its high cost and complication, only KARIZMA ZMR has MPFI, but u cant connect the device to it.

    Mileage and power are 2 things which are totally opposite to each other. If a bike gives u power then it will take more fuel, so less mileage and vice-versa.

    But today automobile companies add more valve to the engine so both mileage and power are balanced. For example, Discover 125 ST and Vespa LX 125. In 125 cc scooty segment, there are several scooties, but Vespa is the only one which gives the highest power and gives enough mileage like others, this is because of its 3 valve engine. So this way even a 100 cc bike can give more power than a 115 or 125 cc, it is possible.

    U can balance this too, but only by tuning the engine. Its simple. By tuning u can make a 100 cc Splendor to race or a Pulsar 150 to give high mileage.

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    Doubt it, but there are a few things you can try. Keeping tyre pressure set correctly will help, remove any excess weight from the bike, power as in more speed? Cheap option would be to go up 2 teeth on the front sprocket..depending how long your chain is and if your wheel will be able to come forwards slightly. [Note; you will have to sacrifice a little acceleration in doing this]. Keep the bike in low-ish RPM's if you want to gain more miles from a tank of fuel, Clean the air filter also.

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    Old fashioned bikes with weak engines to begin with like the Harley and other air cooled vtwins have a lot of room for improvement if you want to sink big money into them. Modern bikes have all the tech on them straight from the factory, not much you can do that will have much impact that won't also ruin the engine.

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    high performance spark plugs give you more power

    hp air filter hp muffler power and mpg

    performance chips usually has to do with air flow power mpg

    for carberators you can put high flow jets in winter and low flow in summer

    for better mileage its all in the wrist dont race of the start line and dont go over 5mph over the speed limit

    keep her in good shape and she will take care of you

    keep riding

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    Very important device - "Engine"

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    s, there is a device

    a new engine,

  • 7 years ago

    Guys years ago, changed the size of sprockets front and rear.

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    What exactly are u trying to do? Gain speed?

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