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My Mom doesn't understand?

I'm 18 and since I've been starting my periods I've had bad cramps some months. I really want to go on birth control but she thinks I just want to because I wanna have sex but that's not the case... I really want relief from this pain but she doesn't get it. I wanna do it by myself but I have no job or money

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    Mom doesn't want to let go of her little girl! Don't get too mad at her!

    But even if you already have, explain to her the pain that you go through. If you're boyfriend-less, use this to you advantage. But even if you do have a partner, tell her it's for the greater good! Surely she doesn't want to be a grandma yet!

    If anything, (and if you're not embarrassed) you could have your dad help you out. You only need one parent to obtain Birth control

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