What does a front-end web developer do nowadays?(read the description also)?

I mean nowadays when you looking at a job description for a front-end web developer position. It seems like you got to have just as many skills as a web developer does or maybe more. I thought front-end developer don't have to use many skills to get the job done. So what does a front-end web developer do nowadays since you have to have so many skills in order to qualify for the position?

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    Depends what you are talking about - a front end and backend developer is just that - they know code so all pages will be written in PHP and on.

    Web Designer is probably what you are looking for. This person usually only knows Syntax such as HTML and CSS.

    Graphic Designer is the person who will design the images and layout for the site.

    So complex sites with graphics.

    G.D will create images

    W.Designer will make it into wireframes using HTML and CSS.

    Developer will write all the php variables and connect it to the backend if there is a backend like a database.

    Hope this helps.

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